How to draw scissors easily and quickly

Scissors is probably one of the most necessary things in the house. It is a versatile tool for cutting anything.

Scissors as an indispensable thing in the economy

There are many types of scissors, from nail and finishing the cooking. However, they all have the same design, differing only in size.
Tool, which is necessary in everyday life, consists of two blades that meet at nearby fields.

a Bit of historical facts about scissors

Below are some interesting facts about scissors.
  • First pair of scissors, found by archaeologists date back to 3-4 century BC and was intended for shearing sheep.
  • the Modern design of the scissors was designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • In the 14th century, the clippers were considered the perfect gift for the fair sex.
  • In the 18th century, the scissors began to bear not only functional load, but also the aesthetic, but because they started to decorate openwork carving, precious stones, gilding.
  • Industrial revolution put an end to the endless decoration of scissors and other necessary tools, returning them to the exceptional functionality.

Draw the scissors along

Below we will see how to draw a scissors by yourself. It doesn't take a lot of time and labor. Draw will be a standard pair of scissors of medium size.
so, you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, a compass or two round shapes of different diameters.
Here's how to draw scissors step by step, using simple pencil and imagination.

  • No matter how you turn the sheet of paper. For example, let's place it horizontally. Take a compass or form, which we will outline. Draw two circles, the distance between which should be 1-1.5 cm.
  • Now, within the resulting circles draw a circle of smaller diameter. We got the holes for the fingers.
  • From the large circle draw the line diagonally, concentrating it to the top. Next to it draw a second straight line parallel to the first. One blade ready.
  • same is done with the second side. It turned out the second blade. Do not forget that one of them is in any case will be on the second, i.e. closer to the viewer. This means that you need to erase the two little lines crossing from one blade.
  • Two components of the scissors are connected with a nail. At the intersection of two of the blades an inch above the pens draw is the fixture.
  • Add the shadows in appropriate places to give depth and realism to the image.
alternatively, you can draw first fully one way, then the second. For some, this option seems easier. Try different ways to determine which one fits you. You can also change the shape of the handles (e.g., make them oval or round one, and the second oval) and the length of the scissors.

you can so easily paint scissors pencil. But they can be decorate. For this purpose we recommend to use pencils or gel pens. To give the scissors the volume, make color darker with the external and internal parts of handles and blades. And mid, on the contrary, lighten.

How to decorate scissors

Paint the handle a color you like, and the blades give a metal tone using the color gray.
Explain and show your child how to draw scissors, and invite them to paint with oil crayons. They will give some volume to the picture, and the picture will certainly look better and more plausible.
First, if you are not professionally engaged in painting, draw the outline in pencil and then paint. So much easier to avoid mistakes, because the wrong line is always possible to erase with an eraser.
Now you know how to draw scissors quickly and easily, without special artistic skills.