How to draw a cornflower quickly and easily?

Resting in nature, you probably have seen the little blue flowers with non-flower petals.

a Little about the cornflower

These flowers are called "cornflower". Does this name have any relation to the male name, is not known.
This gentle flower with the lilting name is nothing but weeds. But how beautiful!
cornflower is a rather small flower, but it has its appeal and advantages. Here are some facts.
  • cornflower better than other colors suitable for weaving wreaths. This, of course, not so important, but when there is nothing to do in the country or in the village, you can verify this statement.
  • This flower is used for medicinal purposes.
  • It is used in the production of cosmetics.
  • cornflower are particularly loved by bees.
  • It is used in cooking as condiments. It gives dishes a taste of lemon and mint. Some even add cornflowers in conservation and in the preparation of pate.
  • Bouquet can decorate a bouquet of wildflowers.
  • Flower is the national symbol of Estonia.
  • cornflower appears in some folk tales and legends.

How to draw a cornflower with a pencil

Love to draw flowers? You will be interested to learn how to draw a poppy. There is nothing complicated, especially if you had to deal with the image colors.
so, let's start. Let us examine how to draw the cornflower with a pencil.
Take a clean sheet of paper, a pencil and eraser.
  • in the Middle of the sheet draw a few stems, and on top of them - something similar to the oval. Not necessarily been smooth. Now, just the proposed location of future flowers.

  • Inside the ovals, draw circles – midway cornflowers. From them should move the petals are triangular or trapezoidal shape. It's a sketch, but try to draw the petals in the right places and give the flower to the desired shape.
  • Twist the stem a little thicker.
  • Carefully draw the center of each flower, trying to give it a shaggy appearance.
  • Petals also give a realistic appearance, making ragged edges.

  • Under each flower, draw a volumetric receptacle, similar to the unopened flower.
  • Complete the picture is a few stems with buds and a few leaves.

Here is how to draw a cornflower easily and quickly. If you wish, paint the picture. For this you will need colored pencils green and blue colors.
There is another option of how to draw a poppy. Draw a circle, there is another small circle – it will become the core. Spend a few radii. Erase unnecessary lines formed between the petals. This drawing is suitable for children as it is quite easy. Next to the main flower, you can draw unopened Bud. So the picture will look much more realistic.

How to draw a poppy using paint?

let us Examine this subject in more detail. How to draw a cornflower colors in stages? Will need the following materials and tools:
  • Turn the sheet vertically. White chalk and draw flowers, as you did in pencil. Draw only the inflorescence. Remember that the edges of the petals have a cornflower jagged. Immediately identify the location of every flower.
  • dip a Wide brush in blue paint and swipe across the surface of the sheet.
  • Next, take the thinner brush and green ink draw the stems with leaves.
  • Add blue tint color.
  • Black paint using a thin brush, draw a heart, trying to highlight the stamens. Put some white dots near the middle of it.
  • At the bottom of the sheet it is possible to finish the grass, to bring some cheer to the picture.

Other ways of drawing flowers

Here is how to draw a cornflower with paints and brushes. Pattern can be put in a frame. Show this technique to the child and explain how to draw flowers in a straightforward way. It turns out plausible, but special artistic skills are not required. How to draw flowers other types? Also, using this principle, changing the shape of the leaves and petals.
Very convenient to draw cornflowers crayons with which to create a specific roughness. For emphasis, you can highlight the stamens black or blue felt-tip pen.