How to draw Northern lights create beautiful with your own hands

the most beautiful natural phenomena that attract the eye of man, is the Northern lights. This color "curtain" of the Earth, the sun and the air, has a bewitching effect, plunging people into a state of aesthetic trance, okoldovana. Most people are not able to see with his own eyes. Therefore proposed to draw the Northern lights for themselves and to have the opportunity to enjoy them whenever you want.

How to draw Northern lights with a pencil in stages?

Perhaps the most painstaking method of images of the Northern lights is drawing with pencils, because you have many and evenly stroking. The Northern lights can be visualized and pencil. The entire focus will be based on the intensity of the shade of grey with which it will be possible to visually grasp the color transition. How to draw the Northern lights with a pencil in stages in color, see below.
  • Northern lights consists of more smooth zigzag or wavy lines in different colors - from shades of blue to red. This value has a dark background of sky on which stands out and Shine.
  • you First need to depict the main lines of lights of any selected colors. This is usually grey, blue or turquoise. Lines should be long and go in one chosen direction, e.g., from the center to the upper right corner.
  • Next, gradually add other colors: yellow, green, orange. Better to change the intensity of color a stronger pressure of the pencil. So to create the effect of transfusion and a smooth transition of colors.
  • Main part of the sheet will occupy the sky. For this purpose it should be carefully shade dark blue or black. It is important that the edges of the Northern lights stood out against the sky with lighter tones.

Draw the Northern lights with oil

Before you draw the Northern lights with oil, you need to collect the necessary materials and tools: oil paint, canvas, paint thinner, brushes, palette. Because the oil is characterized by its dense texture, all manipulation colour mixing and finding the right shade is best done on the palette. So, the image of the Northern lights with oil colors,
  • mix on the palette is white and green color to the formation of light green or turquoise blue (adding blue);
  • the hue to portray on canvas the desired position of the Northern lights, do it better Strahovanie lines;
  • mix dark blue, blue and green to a very dark Indigo and stroke it the top part of the sky;
  • gradually lighten the color to blue and light purple, fill the middle and lower part of the sky;
  • mix a bright green hue with white to indicate the centre of the Northern lights is supposed to be his shining part;
  • dry brush feather the border of the Northern lights - they must move to the tone of the sky;
  • to create the dispersion effect of color, the lower part of the Northern lights you need to shade vertical short strokes;
  • lower the glow paint with a mixture of white and yellow flowers, the deepening glow purple, bright glare - white;
  • at the end of all the painting squirts small drops of white paint for the stars.

How to paint the Northern lights with watercolor in stages?

With the watercolors to portray and the sowing is easier than other methods. Because they allow you to make the most smooth transition between the colors to achieve desired shades. Next - how to draw the Northern lights with watercolor. Steps:
  • work will be carried out on a black or dark blue piece of paper; if this is not an ordinary sheet need to be tinted the appropriate color and allow to dry;
  • smooth movements without moving your hands from drawing, to paint the main color (blue, turquoise, or blue) lines of the Northern lights;
  • in the same way, gradually add other colors to the Northern lights (yellow, green, red, white), and preferably, to the transition between the shades were smooth for the paint at the joints can be more liberally diluted with water;
  • feather blend the base color with white edge of the Northern lights.

Tips and advice

Before you draw the Northern lights, it's better to get picture and picture, which will depict the desired pattern. Indeed, this phenomenon can be more or less colorful, it can include additional elements (stars, horizon) or not.
For working with watercolors, you can take a sponge from foam rubber, which are easy to blend color or shade to fill in the main part of the sheet. It's also much faster and more evenly.
To draw stars you can use regular, unnecessary toothbrush, which will distribute the paint separated thin drops.
naposled: before you draw the Northern lights, you should decide the place where to put the picture. The ideal option would be the area intended for thought (an office, for example), or psychological relief. Such a pattern will contribute to this.