How to draw a traffic light in stages

of Course, to write a complex oil paintings only genuine master. However, even the youngest artist on the first painting class will be able to understand how to draw a traffic light. Because for many children it is the main assistant on the road.
Every child will be interested in the opportunity to learn to draw. To start drawing you need with the most simple things. What could be simpler than knowing how to draw a traffic light with a pencil?
Start with pencil sketches, then you can master more complex skills.

in Fact the most difficult technique in painting is the use of colors. Engaging lessons will captivate children and introduce them to the fascinating world of various figures and images.

How to draw a traffic light in stages

Step 1. Draw auxiliary lines of the traffic light. Then with a ruler draw straight lines. Then at the top of the sheet you need to draw a vertical rectangle. From the lower end of the sheet draw a pencil down a very narrow and long rectangle.
Then inside the top of the rectangle, place three identical squares so that they fit in size, not protruding beyond the edge of the sheet. After that inside these squares to delineate the three circles of the same diameter. It will later light the window of your traffic.
Step 2. Now draw the edges. They should be located on the sides and have a slightly rounded shape. You will need to draw in all three parts of the traffic light. Many traffic lights located at intersections, which is why the lights need to glow in all four directions. You should now have such four-way traffic light.
It is designed to regulate traffic flow at intersections. Then from these sides draw the sun visor on each side. On top of this will be similar to what a traffic light wearing a hat with round visor. Thanks to them the traffic light is well protected from the weather: rain and wind. After erase construction lines and draw the basic lines.
Step 3. Now you only have to paint the chief aide of the road. The traffic light can paint in black, gray or brown.

of Course, the lights you have to paint the standard colors red, yellow and green of course. Now you know how to draw a traffic light. It's easy and fun.

Required tools

you need:
• plain white paper or a special area for artists;[br]• more colored pencils or markers.[br]• eraser;[br]• any hard surface: table, folder, book.

Fun lights for kids

Many children do not know how to draw a traffic light. It's not difficult. Necessarily involve entertaining a child.

For example, to simplify, take the cap of the lacquer for hair styling or a bottle of shampoo.
Then attach it to a blank sheet of paper. Then circle it in pencil. This will have you the top signal-red.
a Little below, in the same way draw a blank for a yellow signal, so that circles touch each. We just need to draw just below the green circle. Under the green signal don't forget to add a "leg" - as the tree trunk. Give your lights fun, draw his eyes and smile. You can also draw his arms and a police cap. To paint it take gouache or watercolor paint corresponding colors.
Main thing - do not mix colors. First red, then yellow and of course green.
now you know how to draw a cheerful light.

Color traffic

the Lights can't just hang in the air. It regulates the flow of traffic. So, the problem is how to draw traffic light, there are some additional elements. Try to sketch a simple composition.
it Looks as follows:
● the traffic light stands at the crossroads;
● the top the sun shines;
● to run sky white clouds;
● on the road going transport;
● on the side of the road grow trees and bushes.
All this is easy to portray, even a small child will cope with this task.

now it is advisable to implement it all in color. Color with crayons or paints. Really beautiful work?
From this article you learned how to draw a traffic light beautifully and correctly. This is one of the most simple designs, which fit to handle even the youngest artist. This figure will surely please your little one.