Rakulskaya painting: the essential elements of the story. Russian arts and crafts

Hardly rakulskaya painting is a famous form of Russian fishery. Despite this, this painting is very beautiful and professional, because it worked on by masters of their craft who knew exactly what the results are committed.

national fishery

Rakulskaya painting is only one of the types of Russian folk art-forms of folk art, which originated many centuries ago. Craftsmen combine the national character and originality of each artist. Russian folk crafts are divided into paintings, fabrics, toys and metal products.

Painted wood

Rakulskaya painting on wood – is a unique phenomenon that was born under unclear circumstances, but given the deep roots in Russian culture. Painting on wood – Russian craftsmanship that became popular many centuries ago. It caught on, so Russian women had in the home a lot of wooden items, which now would have gone for a Museum exhibit.

Specifically rakulskaya painting is different because it is colorful, but not bright. This painting there is very peculiar, and similarly out of fashion. But he still left his mark in the history of Russian folk art.

What is rakulskaya painting?

Try to find out more on the subject of our article. Rakulskaya painting – Russian folk craft which originated in Krasnoborska district of the Arkhangelsk region Russia. The name of a beautiful and ancient paintings received from deep flowing rivers Rakoci, which is a tributary of the Northern Dvina. Cultural center of this fishery is considered Ulyanovsk village. This painting, along with two more species, included in the group of paintings of the local type. It arose in the mid-nineteenth century, and by 1930-th years began to gradually disappear from the culture. It is believed that this craft was handed down from generation to generation in the family Mitzewich.


throughout its development, the painting acquired the characteristics that are inherent only to her. It should be noted that rakulskaya painting is very different from the crafts which flourished in the area. During its peak in the artistic qualities of the craft is not inferior to popular pyermogori Providence. Unfortunately, the most popular painting used only in Cheremhovskom area.
In the very first works executed in the early nineteenth century, one can trace a trend, which approached art painting to miniature Pomeranian paintings that were made on the river Vyg.

In the familiar village of Ulyanovsk painting of nabiru (for picking berries), and spinning wheels was just one family. Vityazeva passed their skills down through generations. This amazing the fact that no one in the village don't do this kind of painting. Because then it is possible the fact that the family Mitzewich were old believers who lived in secret and closed from communication with other people. This speculation could be true, because the old Russian village – communication, exchange of experience and knowledge, shared lessons. Perhaps hiding from the variety of persecution the family was forced to leave their regular classes, such as correspondence and processing of books in order to devote themselves to domestic things and keep the traditions of ancient art.


folk craft was distinguished by the Golden-ochre and black colors. They often played in ensemble with rich green and red-brown color. A feature of the ornament is that it is always relatively large size. The main decorative elements – leaves. Black color is usually used to give contour. In rakulskaya painting it is also used to paint various details such as tendrils, tendrils and streaks. Some individual samples of paintings can boast ornament white semicircles. While rakulskaya painting has a clear structure and scheme. The base side of the spinning wheel is divided into three main parts. The lower part is filled with ornaments in the form of a vertical branch with a symmetric and large leaves, as well as with the jet-black mustaches. Above is a square, which traditionally is a bird that looks like something in common between the magpie and chicken. The upper part is a branch with very thick leaves that are alternate double and a three-form. Painting the inner part is virtually a repetition base, especially in the lower and middle parts.


Rakulskaya painting, the elements of which are numerous, consist of droplets, tendrils, sprays, swirls or semicircles. The main purpose of these elements is the decoration of the product. All the curls are basically the same in black color. If these curls are placed on a colorful background, then they are executed in white colors. Some pieces need painted with a brush. It is also worth noting that rakulskaya painting refers to graphic type.


the River Rakulka gave for the masters of many subjects, chief of which – running ornament, which is reminiscent of the playful patterns of the river. It should be noted plasticity of each element, because, in spite of the strict structure, the shapes remain smooth and rounded. Ornament rakulskaya painting consists of plants-vines, which is decorated with large leaves attached to the stem. What distinguishes this pattern from Boretsky, pyermogori and puchezhskogo skill? The first feature – is a Botanical theme which prevails in all the figures. Even where animals are depicted, you can always find lots of herbal elements. The leaves are mainly in the form of a teardrop, which is concise and round. It is worth noting a kind of stinginess on the color scheme, because of the variety of colors on rakulskaya spinning wheels to find. It should also be noted such an important element of economical use of tiny elements that are sharp hallmark of other geographically close species of the mural.

Vegetable plots

Also of note is the fantastic plants. This reflects the national symbols that characterized the peoples of the Russian North. Fantastic, colored, iridescent flowers meant joy, inexhaustible wealth, rich harvests. Pictures sent to mother nature, which asks people of goodwill and fertility. You can also note the characteristic depiction of birds, a technique which we have considered above. Small but udalenky bird with a turned-up tail – that the “highlight” rakulskaya painting.


Rakulskaya painting – the lesson FROM those who are just starting to understand it. Consider the example of how to draw a bird. To begin with we describe birds that are often portrayed on various household items. Usually it is a small bird with even smaller head, which is decorated with color crest. The body of the bird is small, but heavy. One wing lifted up. The wing is drawn as a thin curved line with multiple strokes that depict feathers.

picture with a black outline. The small hatch should not be visible, so it should only be used on internal parts of the images. If you select a bird-a magpie, black and white colors should be in harmony. If, however, portrayed the chicken, the figure should be not only larger, but also much brighter.

Sequence of steps

Now let's discuss the sequence of drawing birds. The first should depict the bird's beak and breast to approximately the same level. Then draw a small head, which gradually turns into heavy body. Next, carefully outline the wing and draw it. This phase is followed by the most interesting – the painting of the body. You must then return to the crest and to finish it, and then draw the feet and tail.

If the background has flowers, they are drawn and painted in the last turn. It should be remembered that the leaves can be painted only in 2-3 shades. They can be outlined with black or white outline depending on the overall picture.

crafts Arkhangelsk region

History rakulskaya painting is not possible without other trades. Despite the fact that it was developed separately from the other arts, yet it was developed by people who were sympathetic to the motives of their native land. Arkhangelsk region is famous for baracskay, pyermogori painting, ROE, Mezen painting on wood, determi, wood and Kargopol toys.
Boretskaya painting, in short, is characterized by bright colors and geometric shapes. The whole figure is encircled in a deep black outline. Genre scenes are quite simple, as demonstrate domestic occupations of the people. Plotless drawings depict a huge flower, surrounded with berries, leaves, curls and poultry.
Karpogorsky toys – it is an offshoot of pottery. First produced common household items, but after the potters became interested and began to create cute toys in the form of figures of people and animals. This craft was a family, and the secrets passed down from generation to generation.

ROE – dough, which are baked in the form of various figures. Initially they were prepared only for Christmas, but then ROE became a frequent treat. Mezenskaya painting wood was developed only at the household level, but this does not diminish its artistic value. The feature of this painting is that it is rich in various small parts that are very clearly drawn. Wooden toy in the form of the bird of happiness was very popular with the Pomeranian people. They were made for luck to bring good news.
Teary – gingerbread product, which wore a ceremonial character. Biscuits were baked in a special Church days, mostly on the Day of the Forty Martyrs, which was celebrated at the vernal equinox, March 22. Pyermogori painting is characterized by vegetable plots. In the drawings dominated by the white and red patterns.
Summarizing the article, I want to say that rakulskaya painting – this is an old, but very beautiful form of art that was created by an individual family, where it was passed down from generation to generation. Such gems of artistic creativity should be collected bit by bit and carefully preserve the memory of the people.