How to draw a boar graphically. Practical advice.

the Boar – this is not a cute pet like a pig. Although many children and even some adults believe that it is only "her husband". No, it is not so. It's a wild animal that, of course, affect its character, appearance. Therefore, to understand how to draw a boar, we need to watch him closely.

will get Acquainted with the wild boar close

If a person had the idea to capture on paper a formidable lover of acorns, it is absolutely necessary to first study the structure of the body and of the habits of this inhabitant of dense forests. This is necessary in order for the image it was as accurate as possible.
boars short and powerful neck, a pointed head in the form of a wedge and not very long legs. The front part of the torso are much larger than the rear. At the upper front part of the back bristles forms a sort of mane with a comb. The ears are wide and long, eyes – small, but powerful snout protrudes. Males stand lower fangs growing up. Despite their primarily vegetarian diet, the nature of the boars are pretty nasty, and character, hard and unmanageable.

First steps

Studying the structure and habits of the animal, the artist usually begins to think about what and how to draw a hog? With a pencil to do it much faster and easier, especially because the image can later and paint. So, better to start with a few straight lines – the artists they are called axial, to figure further came out symmetrical and proportional.

preparatory phase is important to establish the size of the image of a boar, and one of the lines to hold horizontally, as if drawing the lower boundary, at which there will be a boar.

How to draw a wild boar in stages

Finally, you can begin drawing the image of a boar.
  • Torso easily represented by two circles: one large and a second smaller. The head fits perfectly in the triangle. Next, draw four short polyline – future legs of the boar.

  • the next stage the body of the animal. The front or the top of the trunk line gradually is given up to emphasize the crest on the back.
  • Next is drawn head with all the details: broad and long ears (one ear, if the boar is drawn in profile), small eyes, powerful and elongated snout to snout on the end. It is important not to forget to draw the lower teeth.
  • the Next step will be drawing the legs and tail. It is important to look at a photograph or drawing of a boar in order to correctly depict the corners and minute details of the feet. It should be noted that wild boar is a mammal artiodactyl, so you should pay special attention to the duality of his hooves.

  • the pattern is almost ready, you should not forget to erase all of the support and extra lines. Now you want to draw a surface on which is a boar.
  • In the last step using the cross-hatch shadows are applied to wild boar looked the most plausible.

Now you know how to draw a boar. Believe me, it is not so difficult.