How to draw a donkey? There is nothing easier!

the Fine arts appeared long time ago. Man painted in ancient times. At first it was sort of chronicle on the walls of caves, in which he tried to reflect the main moments in the life of the tribe. With the invention of writing, the picture has not lost its informativeness. With the help of drawing all of us as we pass our feelings, emotions and what surrounds us. Only does it in their own way. Someone has a picture, like the camera, reports all accurate to the smallest detail, and someone who has no idea how to draw a donkey, not to mention the more complex compositions.

Yes, like any skill, drawing is not everyone's strength. And though we all come from childhood, in adult life, even simple skills image for many lost. But you can learn. And even if your pictures will not sell at auction for millions of dollars - something simple and you'd be able to portray.

learn to draw realistically

to learn how to draw, you need to start with the most simple. Later, after working and securing basic skills, you can try more complex drawings with many details and composition. Let's start with simple lines and sketches, gradually drawing every detail. Draw animal body parts in the form of geometric shapes: circles, ovals, triangles. With this approach much easier to understand how to draw the donkey yourself. The method might seem a bit odd, and the donkey immediately will become similar to itself. But I've experienced artists, so remember.

Draw steps

To begin with, take a pencil and a sheet of paper and determine where the picture will be an animal. Draw a small oval - head the future of the donkey. Add it to the ears on the sides. They can be long and droop. But when you raise up, like a hare, or one a little lower. Be creative and reflect it on paper. Now let Prorsum details of the faces: we denote eyes, nostrils and mouth. It is possible to represent slightly opened to show teeth. So the drawing is more realistic.

we Continue. Next draw the torso. Normal donkey it oblong. But if you want that drawing was funny, and you can draw a fat character. Then, under the head just below, in the distance, not draw an oval and a circle. Learning how to draw a donkey step by step, one should clearly follow the instructions, moving from one stage to the next. So easier to remember the highlights.
so, now to the body will add a few curved lines. Is the neck. Combine it with the head. Ready? Admire the result and add a mane to your cloven-hoofed animals. Remember, from afar it looks like a brush. Ahead and finish a funny forehead.
Now came the turn to draw feet. There is nothing easier in the job, how to draw a donkey than drawing feet. Two front, two rear – just four. Moves donkey on their hooves, they also need to reflect. About the tail, remember? He's with a tassel on the end. Can gently lift, then get a funny donkey.

beginner Tips

to Start drawing you need in a good mood. Then everything is clear and easy, and the picture – continuous positive. And it does not matter if the first fails to observe the proportions. Everyone goes through this.

If you train constantly, the situation will change. Over time, you will be able to teach others how to draw donkey and the Nightingale and other birds and animals.
Well, our donkey is ready. However, while this is only a sketch. Now we need to clearly delineate its contour and gently remove the pencil from the paper.


But that's not all. Because the donkey can not hang in the air. He walks on the ground and nibbling the grass. So, the problem is how to draw a donkey, there are some additional elements. Let's try to sketch a simple composition. A donkey grazing in a meadow, on top the sun is shining, the sky fleeing clouds, the sides with trees and gurgling brook. All this to draw easy, even a child could do it. Now do all the color. To decorate with watercolors or colored pencils. Beautiful work, really? For now.