How to draw kid - tell mom

Childhood – a Golden season. So it's new to need to learn, to experience, to learn. The interest of the child is boundless. Thousands of questions “why”, “how”, “why”. And well, if parents will help you to master this complex but extremely interesting subject called “life”. Then all of the skills, habits, and even mistakes may in future turn into a real and rare talent. For example, the talent of the artist. And even if a child, the future genius didn't know how to draw a goat, soon entire generations can admire world-famous paintings by the great artist!

How to draw a Billy goat: educate from childhood

so, all children love to draw. Basically, they paint what surrounds them - friends, family, animals and characters of fairy tales. And let's not all turn out at once, learn to draw. At least with the help of simple instructions.

Consider, how to draw a goat step by step in the home. Not so difficult as it seems. The main thing - to try. So settle down comfortably and with the baby imagine a future hero. Let him graze on the lawn and chew the grass.

What you need

For a start prepare all the necessary paper, pencil, eraser, and crayons. Choose a high-quality pencils, soft enough. Too hard will scratch the paper and leave marks if I have something to fix with an eraser. Softer easy to use, it's nice to do light sketches.

Start painting

First, draw a small oval. This is the head. Will Prorsum main parts: eyes, nostrils, mouth. Top add ears and horns. From the head draw two lines up a bit. Is the neck. So get the head tilt. From the neck continue the line and draw back. Any further instructions on how to draw a goat, is typically specified that the neck and back need to connect with the oval more than the head. It is the body of the future goat.

Now we draw the legs. Let's start with the front, let them be slightly bent. The back outline a straight line and divide it roughly in half. This rear leg of the animal. And marked the middle of the line – bend the legs. No, let the upper part be a little longer. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in the process. Installed templates for goats does not exist, but that didn't make it, you can quickly remove eraser or to call it “the author's idea”. By the way, our manual fits in the case, if you don't know how to draw goat from a fairy tale - there is a big difference.
so draw the rear leg, next to add another one. Bottom porisuem hooves. The same do and with the front legs. Then add a small tail. Will Prorsum coat. She's not that curly like a lamb, but quite thick and slightly wavy. And it must be seen in the figure. Below outline the grass and flowers – so the composition will look more complete. In the process you can tell the child what to eat the goats, who are their parents and that they, like all children, love to play and run. This lesson will not only teach you how to draw a goat, but will remain in memory for a long time. After drawing in pencil, outline it outline in black ink and erase the outlines with the eraser tool. Now you can make it a color.

Painted – ready!

Ask the kid most to choose color of pencil for your pictures. Don't be surprised if he wants to color the animal is not white, and, for example, blue and orange, the grass pink and the sky purple.

do Not deny and say that it is wrong. Children differently perceive the world. And often not as we adults. The important thing is that today they learned how to draw a goat, and soon will be ready to receive the information about the rules of using color. By the way, this drawing, you can make and colors. The algorithm remains the same. Over time, having mastered the basics of drawing, it will be possible to dispense with an ordinary pencil. Although as you prefer. After all, it is a matter of taste and habits.