Terry Rogers: a short biography, exhibitions and work

an Artist from America, known throughout the world – Terry Rodgers. He became famous for his huge and extraordinary cloths written by oil, which is almost impossible to distinguish from photographs.

brief biography

Terry Rogers, a biography which begins in Newark, a large city in the state of new Jersey, on the 11th of September 1947, the future painter was born, has become one of the most talked about masters of our time. The he spent his childhood in another large American city – Washington, DC. Studied and graduated in 1969 with honors from the faculty of fine arts at Amherst College, which is located in Massachusetts.
His passion and genuine interest in film and photography has had a huge influence on the style of his work, which can be described as “Hyper” - so it is fascinating in its realism.

currently, Terry Rodgers deals with the description of modern States with their vision of them. The embodiment in the paintings of imaginary entertainment life – it is an attempt to convey to the viewer the pure complexity of the modern world.

Exhibitions and popular works

In may 2009, Terry Rodgers, the artist of world renown, opened his first solo exhibition. Prior to this, his works were presented in group exhibitions in 2005 and 2007. To date, the skilful work of Terry Rogers was introduced to the public in many major cities of America (new York, Los Angeles, Chicago) and Europe (Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, Berlin).
About his work published several books, documentaries, and widely discussed of his paintings blogs international level.

Magic image

In his paintings of Terry Rodgers does not preclude the use of modern technology. So, initially, at the stage of formation of the plot, he photographs models, images obtained from a General and coherent picture with the help of computer editors, and only at the final stage brings all the oil on the canvas.
In his work Terry Rodgers is trying to reflect his vision of the meaning of our time – how rich it is and how difficult it is for most of modern people. His works contain a subtle interweaving the known and the unknown, inviting and rejecting, literary fiction and at the same time everyday, the real. They show modern life in this close interweaving of desires, fantasy, economic complexity and interdependence of social and individual isolation, and, most importantly, they represent hope.

Each of his works has its own specificity-certain body parts, expressions and emotions, psychology and ridicule. Any person depicted by the artist, has a philosophy of life that conveys to the public gesture, gaze, facial expressions. As a rule, people in the paintings do not look directly at the viewer, as they are not facing each other. Nevertheless, their relationship clearly is present in the image.
Paintings by Terry Rodgers, despite their apparent viciousness, involve the viewer in the world of hidden desires, fantasies and numbness.