Statements about art: 6 opinions on the beautiful

Art – this is the other side of the world in which man lives. It is, like nature, surrounds us every hour and everywhere. Some works belong to certain eras, and some of them exist outside of time. Sometimes it seems that art is alive, because it is worth it to interact with the person, as there is a definite reaction-admiration, rejection, understanding, rejection. Sometimes there are certain statements about art. You could look at it from different angles, and the more it is studied, the more faces you can find. But how to look at art a great people? It can be seen from their quotes.

Look 1. Simplicity

Quotes about art by great people talking more about what art is appreciated in its simplicity. Take, for example, the words Einstein: “Art – ability to Express deep thoughts in simple ways”.
you Can quote and more modern figures, for example Bruce Lee: "Higher art form – simplicity”.
Simplicity in art always remains invisible, but it is because of this art is clear to all. It always calls a spade a spade and shows the world is not as we are accustomed to seeing. But based on simple human feelings, emotions and hustle and bustle of everyday days, art exalts serious things about which man thinks, but realizes from the first note, first sight or first word.

Look 2. Literary sketches

“If the writer can't write, let him about it and says” - it was one of my favorite quotes by Chekhov.

Statements about art are not spared this segment of literature. As Voltaire said, the pen and the word can make people better. The literature is intended to conquer the human heart, to conquer their souls and give hope, to light the light when it seems that everything is meaningless.
Pieces of text, small images of words can do a lot. And sayings about art by great people proof: “Printed publications designed to educate and guide the nation, to give her the right food that will promote a General desire on the way to happiness. Print edition – power, school and commander" of Mustafa Ataturk.

View 3. The element of music

the art of Music - a source of joy for many people. It can cause good thoughts, reassure and motivate. Shakespeare said: “Music quenches the sorrow”. Johann Goethe was convinced that in the music most clearly displays the art, as Nietzsche always said the music – it is the gift of God and created to ensure that people sought up.

Musical works have always had a place in human life. Good melody, heartfelt words – all interwoven in unison and takes you to another world. Albeit briefly, but the man has the ability not only to touch the beautiful, but also to understand their feelings. Aristotle was sure that once the music evokes so many emotions and feelings, it should be included in the education of youth.
Statements about art only confirm the fact that music plays a significant role in the arts, and her ability to make sense of incomparable. After all, even the hardened heart shudder if you hear a good tune.

View 4. Art trill

In his time Aristotle said one interesting thing, which was later placed in the book “Poetry”: “People are happy, when you look at the picture. And all because, just looking at these masterpieces, you can learn to think”.
Often the art associated with the art direction, and perhaps the fact that the way artists look at the world, radically different from what is of this world. And statements by artists about art - direct proof. Salvador Dali said: “through art, I correct myself, and at the same time infinitoy normal people”. And Pablo Picasso claimed that “draws objects not as they are, and so, as he thinks of them”.

Artists transformerait reality, creating the many amazing worlds. Thanks to them, art has many forms. And the statement about the visual arts the best proof.

Look 5. Science and art

Bertolt Brecht used to say: “Art is impossible without knowledge". And this is the truth. No matter what the field or working in the arts, no matter how genius he may be, there are foundations that he should know. The artist can't draw people, not knowing how the human body works. A composer may hum or play the tune but if he did not write notes, then this tune will never come up with words and she never will play the orchestra.
Science and art are fundamentally different from each other. Schopenhauer once said: “the Science everyone can understand, but from the art of man gets as much as he is able to give”. The sayings of scholars about the art I assure you that in science and in art you need to log in with minimal knowledge of the basics.

Look 6. Conquered time

“for Every piece of art belongs to his age», - wrote Hegel. Statements about art are often based on the fact that every piece of hidden culture, the elements and the spirit of the era in which it was created.
That's just the art does not disappear, when a new era, it lives forever. Each element of art is like a thread which connects humanity with its past. And if we collect all these threads will be weaving a wonderful canvas on which to display perfect harmony.
Someone once said that art – it's a blast. It occurs here and now. But in fact art is an eternity that lasts a moment.