How to draw a Yorkshire Terrier in various ways

I think to draw a dog and can't determine the breed? Draw a Yorkshire Terrier. How to draw such a complex picture? Take a pencil and create the figure of the animal. Then detail image. How to do it, read below.

Yorkshire Terrier pencil

Prepare all the necessary materials. For the image of the dog you will need: a sheet of paper, a soft eraser and pencils of different hardness. How to draw a Yorkshire Terrier? We must start with the layout. On the worksheet, ellipse depicted the place where will be the snout of the animal. You now need to identify the main parts. Circles represented eyes, and a planned oval face.
Proceed to detail. A drop of the nose transforms. Dorisovyvaet nostrils and outline them with a soft pencil. Eyes add volume and eraser, select the glare.
Now go to the image of wool. It grows in different directions. Oval faces zastrahovan form. Pencil lead down. The forehead is drawn perpendicular to the head. Center bars must be straight, and the sides they are slightly bent. The ears are represented by strokes which collect the form. In some places they should be dim. Zastrahovan the space under the nose, and then the eraser to choose the mouth. It remains to identify the body of the animal, and its ready.

Yorkshire Terrier colored pencils

This figure looks like a children's illustration. To portray this way the dog can even child. How to draw a Yorkshire Terrier? Start with the layout. The proposed General form and then its detail. The head depicted in the form of a heart, and the body in the form of a rectangle.
Now we should work out the details. The edges of the heart should be given a zigzag shape. Ears draw triangles. Circles depict the eyes and nose. Apply brown pencil strokes on the muzzle and between the eyes.
Go to the body. First, they need to work on front feet. They will be in the form of trapezoids. Attach the edges of the front part of the body a zigzag shape. Now should brown pencil to shade the lower third of the dog. Dorisovyvaet rear part of the body. It also should be stroke. Don't forget to draw the tail. Now you should cut around the outline of the dog using a black marker.

Yorkshire Terrier gouache

This picture looks interesting and non-trivial. How to draw a Yorkshire Terrier gouache? You should first outline the contour of the dog with a pencil. Being the head, the body part and the planned background. Now take the colored paint and begin to create. Dabs should be applied in the form. If the hair on the muzzle goes down, and the brush strokes blend in the appropriate direction.
It should be remembered and black and white contrast. Darken the area around the eyes and nose. The dog's body should be darker than the head, and the background shall be even richer than the whole figure of a Yorkshire Terrier. Paint should be in layers below the paint are not mixed and do not get dirt.