Pokemon Silvion: how to draw?

Silvio is a magical pokemon of the sixth level. His previous stage of evolution - Evie. The main distinctive ability of this pokemon is a calming effect on the enemy. Its beautiful long ribbons Silvio puts his opponent in a light hypnosis, which helps to win a quick victory. Pokemon Silvion originally from Kalos. In the animated series he debuts with the attack “a Lunar explosion”.


Pokemon Silvion very similar to a cat with long rabbit ears. Most of his body covered with hair of white color. Height is 1 m and weight is about 23 lbs. he has four pink legs with three toes on each. The ears also have a pinkish shade with blue interior. Long tail always is a pipe. The bib and under the left ear are white-pink bows-butterflies which leave magical tape. The color of the ribbons there is white, pink, blue, and blue shades. Muzzle Silviana decorated with huge blue eyes that dazzle the enemy with its radiance.

What you need in order to draw Silviana?

  • Black gel pen.
  • Eraser.
  • Pencil (HB).
  • Eraser.
  • a Few sheets of A4 paper.
  • Colored pencils.

How to draw pokemon (Silvion)?

  • Take a simple pencil and paper. Begin to build the sketch. Sketchy lines denote the lines of the body, limbs and face pokémon.
  • Begin to draw the details of faces. The proposed lines of the body with the frame.
  • Line of the frame body at this stage can be erased with an eraser. Dorisovyvaet bows and ribbons. Add the pattern parts. Focus on the original picture, which depicts pokemon Silvion. This will help you avoid mistakes with proportions.
  • Now take the black gel pen and begin to trace the outline Silviana. You need to give the ink to dry. After that, all the construction lines that were drawn in pencil, you need to remove eraser. Don't need to erase the lines on the ribbons, the bows and the eyes of the pokemon.
  • it's Time to add color to the picture. Take colored pencils and begin to paint. Pink covered legs, a tail, partly the ears and bows-butterflies. Blue and dark blue shades are present on the ears, ribbons and eyes. Pokemon Silvion has unusual eyes. In order to properly portray them in the picture, you need to make a smooth transition from blue to blue. The glare on the eyes to paint is not necessary. The ends of strips to cover blue.
  • in order to figure out more volume, you need a little off color. This can be done darker Csete pencils, for example, purple and dark pink. Create glare eraser.

Silvion ready!