How to draw emoticons easily and quickly

Smileys have become an integral part of virtual communication. With their help, many people in the shortest form can Express your emotions and show them to the interlocutor. Therefore, knowing how to draw smileys can be very useful.


the History of smiles has its origins in the mid-twentieth century. At that time, American companies dominated depressing situation due to the unstable economic situation. To encourage employees and motivate them to improve the quality of the work was painted by funny faces and posted in the offices. They were even attached to the document folder.
Although clearly it is impossible to establish the authorship of this invention. The idea was developed very quickly, and it put the hands of many people.
How to draw emoticons? Methods since, of course, has changed and improved.

Emoticons in our life

Indeed, a handy thing! Some people went to a whole new level of communication, communicating only with smiles.
We use them when communicating in social networks, sent in the SMS. What is a smiley? It's a big yellow circle with eyes and a mouth. There are so many different smileys, depending on the emotions that you need to show you can use smiling, laughing, sad or angry circles.

Draw a smiley face on the paper in stages

How to draw emoticons? It's very simple, and if you suddenly you need to draw it, the statement below can help you.
so, let's start. Will draw a happy face. It looks like this.
1. Take a blank sheet and a pencil (to start simple).
2. Draw a circle the required size, you can use a compass or just to circle the right circle.

3. Drawing the human eye in this shape, as shown. In the future you will be able to experiment and draw eyes of different shapes, decorate them with beautiful eyelashes.

4. Draw a mouth in the shape of an arc, and the inside of the tongue. If you want to pass the sadness, the arc is draw upside down. Indifference – just a straight line.
5. Erase all auxiliary lines.

6. The last stage – decorate the face. This can be done using a yellow crayon, crayons or paints. The eyes and mouth is also coloring in the desired color.
Here's how to draw emoticons on paper very simply and quickly. The emoticons on offer at computer programs, the same type, and created by hand on paper reflect the artist's style and manifest its creative potential. Besides, it will be individual and unique!

Drawing on the cells

In recent years, becoming a popular draw on the cell. Apparently, this trend was still at school when in possession had some colored pens and a notebook in a cage. However, these drawings are rather interesting.
How to draw on the cell smileys? Yes, as well as the rest of the drawings. It is very convenient, especially when there is no special drawing skills and not very well developed creative thinking.
Take a sheet in the box and various gel pens. Pencils or crayons drawings can get a little dull, but the gel pens will give them brightness and Shine. But we must be careful not to smudge the hand is just painted cells.

Now just begin to color in one cell, forming first a circle and then the eyes and mouth. The outer circle line you can allocate to other, darker color, such as black or orange. The smiley face – yellow, facial features – at your discretion.
These smileys get sketchy, but still very nice. Here's how to draw smileys, without spending a lot of time and effort.