How to draw the Cheshire Cat – a magical inhabitant of Wonderland

In the history of Lewis Carroll, which tells the story of an unforgettable adventure Alice in Wonderland, there is one mysterious and interesting character. This Cheshire cat. His great big smile will charm its mystery any viewer, and the ability to disappear in the eyes of surprises and exciting. If you read with your child this magical story or watched the animated movie about the extraordinary adventures of Alice, you might want to learn how to draw Cheshire Cat in all its splendor.

the Preparatory phase

At this stage it is necessary to determine the location of the character on a sheet of paper. This interesting character should be placed in the center. And maybe, it in General will occupy the entire area of the sheet, or you will draw his conversation with Alice? Consider how to draw the Cheshire Cat step by step, if he is, grinning and glancing down at the girl.

Start drawing.
  • First, visually divide the sheet into two parts. On the right half will be the head of a cat, and on the left – his torso. Let us denote them by two ovals, arranged horizontally and vertically. The ovals should be slightly overlap each other.
  • On the right of the oval (head) note the lines of the upper and lower eye levels and denote a vertical line of symmetry.


At this point, let us consider how to draw the Cheshire Cat from the prepared scheme. Quite a bit of imagination – and your own cat, alluring, enigmatic smile can be hung on the wall.
  • On the lower level of eyes (the same line – the nose of a cat) start in both sides to make the cheeks of the character stretched from the wide smile.

  • <span>Draw the bangs, the outlined eyes, nose, whiskers and, of course, his mouth stretching into a smile. The two curves determine the location of the front legs. In our case, the cat put them under his head.</span>[br]

  • <span>Dorisovyvaet ears, smile (do not forget about the teeth), eyes and nostrils. Hold a smooth line of the back, connecting both oval and curved line for the tail.</span>[br]

  • <span>Dorisovyvaet lush voluminous tail and paws folded under her chin.</span>
Well, our figure is similar to the mysterious and unflappable cat. There are very few and one can imagine the communication of Alice with this wonderful character who knows a lot of interesting stories, and like to entertain their girl.

Final phase

From the drawing details on the final phase of work will determine how successful will be the whole picture. Remove all auxiliary lines, and begins the crucial moment – the decoration of the figure. For example, if you're wondering how to draw Cheshire Cat with a pencil, it is possible at this stage, stripes on the animal's skin labeling, and lightly shade. More bold lines to highlight the eyes, nose and the smile of a cat and to draw individual hairs on the tail.

<span>Another option shutdown – how to add color. How to draw Cheshire Cat colors? Is very simple: select the bright colors and start painting over the drawing. Here's the opportunity to show imagination – after all, this cat-fabulous, which means that it can be absolutely any color!</span>

<span>Now you know how to draw the Cheshire Cat, and I can turn your fantasies into picture!</span>