The "healing brush" in Photoshop: how to use and what could be the error

Almost nobody uses film cameras, and digital allow you to edit photos through a special program. One means of correcting inaccuracies in the image, or removing various stains - it's "Healing brush" in Photoshop, and collisions.

What is "Photoshop"?

With the development of digital cameras originated the need to develop special multi-functional editor. "Photoshop" was developed by the Adobe Systems and is used to working with images of growth, but in its functionality it also has some of the point tools.
today "Photoshop" is used for the treatment of both Amateur and professional images. The program works in operating systems Windows and Mac OS.

In its range, the program has more than hundreds of different tools and functions, as well as a large number of effects for the editorial photos. Including the "Healing brush" in Photoshop is one way to correct images.

What is the "Healing brush"?

"Healing brush" is a tool that is able to eliminate the defects on the basis of the surrounding areas in the picture. This feature not only produces a drawing using pixels selected in the image, but also produces a mapping of light, transparency and opacity. In this way, the recovery process turns the plot, which is not different from the rest of the image.
This functionality as "Healing brush" in Photoshop, applies not only to images, but also animations or videos.

How to use

to use this tool, select it in the panel. And then perform the following steps.
first, click on the sample brushes, to select options.
  • If you are working from the tablet menu "Size" select "pen Pressure" and also check "Copy wheel" - this will allow you to use the program on a sensitive screen of the device. If in the process you do not need to zoom in or zoom out the photo, then click on "Disable".
  • blend Mode. To keep the noise and grain structure of the film, then use a brush with soft tip and click on "Replace".
  • the Source pixels for the restoration. There are two options: "Sample" - then you will use the pixels from the active image or "Pattern" - they will be taken from the pattern.
  • the Alignment should be set for continuous sampling of pixels, in order not to lose the desired point when you release the mouse button. If it is not required, remove the check mark beside the graphs.
  • Sample is selected from these layers. If you need to repair the current layer only, put option is active, if multiple, all layers, and it is possible to set the "current and next".
  • Random - this option is to lower the minimum when working with coarse-grained image.
second, set point output. It is necessary to click in any area of the recovery hold down the Alt key. When developing multiple images, keep in mind that they must have the same color.

third, you can put additional parameters on the "Source clone", where you can define up to five different sources of generation.
When you release the mouse button, the image otredaktirovat. We reviewed how to use "Healing brush" in Photoshop. Now to the point.

Chiseled brush

If you need to quickly remove any blemishes from an image or other minor defects, that will help spot "Healing brush" in Photoshop. It works similar to conventional, that is, using pixels and maps them with the image, but it is not required to specify a point for the sample. It takes as a basis the area around the site being restored.

For the adjustments of the picture by this tool do the following:
  • Click on the toolbar, point brush, it's best to add the diameter of the recovery area.
  • Select an area of pixels on the edge which needs to be trim, they also use to create texture. And also add the parameter estimation nearest content, to fill the area without visible boundaries.
  • Select "sample all layers". Then click the area of correction.
Thus, dot the "Healing brush" in Photoshop to correct the defects of the image.

What to do if an error occurs

Occasionally you may experience errors related to this tool. In the most critical situations, if the "Healing brush" in Photoshop and other editing tools is also unavailable, then you should reinstall the program when the antivirus is disabled.

If the incorrectness is associated only with the brush, then most likely you selected the wrong layers or the use of stamps. Check all settings "Healing brush" in the above sample and try again.