How to draw a bridge for children and adults: advice and guidance

to Create paintings like children and adults, so let's consider how to draw a bridge for the child, or with him and perform the real painting in pencil "London bridge".

Draw for a child

Children love to draw and to watch for adults as using pencils pictures come alive. In this master class we look at how to draw a bridge in stages across the river.

you need:
  • crayons and easy;
  • eraser;
  • black marker;
  • you can use watercolor paint.
  • Start drawing with the contour of the bridge. To do this, draw the silhouette of an arched rectangle, adding a line for volume. Then four vertical lines of the railing.
  • Draw a three-dimensional wooden railing, not yet filling them with color, and four rear vertical Board.
  • Draw on the track bridge parallel lines to show what he's made of wood.
  • Draw the grass from both sides of the bridge. And the extra dash erasable.
  • Coloring picture.
This work is similar to the illustration of the cartoon. Your kids will love the bridge, and with the older guys it is possible to draw together.

the Bridge by children

the child coped with the task and was able to answer the question of how to draw a bridge, he should not draw perspective. Enough to make the image flat. For this you will need a pencil and paint.

  • have your child draw two rectangles on the edges of the sheet - this will be the Bank.
  • Then trace the wavy line is water.
  • Now connect the rectangles with a straight line is a bridge, and do the support. You can draw them straight or in the form of arches.
  • on Top of the clouds and the sun. And the drawing is ready.
This work is suitable for children of young age to learn to draw line objects, as well as in the background you can draw little houses - this is the basis of prospects.

jobs for artists

But the grandeur and beauty of the various bridges attracts not only children, but also real professionals. One of the most popular monuments that can be found in the works of many popular artists - is tower bridge in London. we will try to depict in describing the sequence of actions.

let us Examine in detail how to draw the bridge with a pencil. For this do the following:
  • you must First draw the skeleton of the bridge. To work it was easier to take a photo of the original.
  • Draw the tower and the roof, connecting the upper bridge.
  • Remove extra strokes with an eraser, making the arch under the bridge joints and cables.
  • Draw all the little details and the river below.
  • Zastrahovan work according to the chiaroscuro.
This work is not suitable for beginners, as even need to have an idea on how drawn all the basic three-dimensional figures, and be proficient in equipment schedules.

Advice for beginner artists

to understand how to draw a bridge, and start with simple designs. If you have the opportunity, go to any present monument of architecture - it will be a big plus, as a model to draw from is always better.
And also, you can choose any photo and, based on it, to draw paintings in pencil.
If you do, don't take complicated options. He should try to comfort himself with the work to develop the creative abilities. And for the little ones you can just print out coloring, and learn to work with lighter and darker shades of the same color.
So, how can you draw the bridge, a lot. You can pick up a job in terms of complexity, to implement it in pencil and in paint. If you have enough skill to take options with a large number of small parts to train your talent.
Good work!