How to draw a cylinder in pencil with a shadow gradually? Step by step instructions and recommendations

Some people think that to draw geometric shapes very easy, but it is not so. To depict volume and shade, you will need skill and accuracy in work. Consider how to draw a cylinder in pencil.

First option

Variants of drawing with pencil a lot, we examine stages one of them. For work will need a pencil, preferably a medium soft eraser, and a sheet of white paper, you can take the A4 format.

  • Draw two parallel lines. Top and bottom connect line segments ovals. As this drawing lesson, no lines do not use, attempt to put your hand to in the future make it easier to draw different objects.
  • Make two perpendicular lines in the upper oval, and from the middle draw a line down
  • Bottom also draw two lines.
  • draw the outline more clearly and continue to the shadows.
  • Choose the right side for a darker shade, with the left side of the cylinder will remain white. Apply the shadow is necessary to carefully, shading pencil. The shade needs to be replaced very smoothly.
  • Draw the shadow of the cylinder. As we on the right are darker, then picture it in front.
  • Accurate length, as in different times of day and the length of shadows from objects are unequal.
  • In this case, take about one third of the height of the cylinder. Draw two parallel diagonal cut and connect their vertices.
  • Paint over the shadow.
Work is finished. This is one of the simplest options, since we didn't use perspective and portrayed only one cylinder.

Second option

In this master class we will look at how to draw a cylinder with a pencil on a more professional level, so if you are unsure of your abilities, it is better not to take the job. And graphics this technique is not suitable for young children.

you need:
  • paper, and for the beginners it is better to buy a special medium, which is much nicer to paint;
  • multiple pencils with different degrees of hardness;
  • eraser;
  • stick to RUB the hatch (you can just roll the paper into a cone and pound it).
the Council before the art: to create sketch the thick strokes, as them in the future easier to wipe clean.
Turn to the work itself, how to draw a cylinder in stages:
  • to Mark up a sheet of paper. This is necessary to correctly identify the location of the shape.
  • Do the layout. To do this, draw two vertical lines from the hand, lightly pressing on the pencil. Then the two horizontal - top and bottom, to connect the rectangle.
  • Next draw a couple of ellipses (top and bottom) is the base of the cylinder. To make them the right shape, from the center of the upper and lower line mark on both sides of the two points at the same distance, and then draw the shape.
  • Go to toning. Assume that the light source is top right. And, based on this, we draw the bright and dark places.
  • The darkest we have up front just left of center. Now go to the stroke, it is desirable that the strokes kept repeating the shape of the object.
  • Left to draw the shadow from the cylinder, make it small and in the form of a cone of specularly reflected from the cylinder.
Work is finished. To hide the brightness of the hatch, take a stick for rubbing or paper and gently pass a small motion along the sheet until you achieve the desired effect.
it is best to hone their skills by drawing a real object, so it is wiser to take something for the basics. In the form of a cylinder many things around you, for example, glass.

Multiple cylinder

we will Now see how to draw a cylinder in pencil with shadow, if we want to display multiple items.
Phased drawing:
  • Draw two control points.
  • Back down a certain distance, and draw the ellipse.
  • Now draw two vertical lines upwards and also draw an ellipse.
  • Wipe off extra bottom line, you get a kind of saucepan.
  • Now back figures place two parallel points.
  • Draw the ellipse, and from it two lines down and one line only the first figure and the second to the desired length.
  • Swipe the bottom curved line to close the second figure.
  • in the same way, draw the third cylinder on the other side.
  • Now draw the shadow. It will be right, so that all the figures more dense hatching paint over the right part.
  • Small touches in the form of a rectangle from the beginning of the curved line you draw on the surface of the shadow from objects.

Your job is ready. We looked at how to draw a cylinder with a shadow, with a few items in the picture.
On the same principle you can draw a lot of turrets in its sole discretion, it is important not to use a ruler and not to go on the first figure to make the work three-dimensional.

Draw the cylinder on the table

we will Now see how to draw a cylinder with the environment. To properly do anything, take a real object and put it on the table. And adjust the light so that the shadows fall nicely on the table, it was not too short or long.
Most accurate figure possible to do on the tablet, pulling a sheet of paper. Suitable size of this device is 30 to 40 cm

Move on to the process of creating the drawing
  • Decide on the location of the figure and draw "invisible lines" for the future of the cylinder.
  • Build the cylinder, first draw two parallel lines, then the ellipse at the top and bottom.
  • "Invisible line" is also required for proper placement of light and shadow. Draw invisible edge on the front side of the cylinder that you understand which areas are darker and which lighter.
  • perform Shading according to the form of figures, small lines, then to make it easier to smudge the strokes.
  • Fill the pre-drawn shadow. It should be darker.
  • Now you need to draw the plane of the table and back wall. The rear wall will be darker than the table, but lighter than the main shadow shapes.
So, very carefully and slowly you can draw a three-dimensional shape. Not necessarily that it was a cylinder, you can take a sphere or cube.

How to draw a composition with multiple objects

to exercise your skill, use several figures. For a start, good cube, and on top of it put the cylinder. Adjust the light so that the shadow fell beautifully on the table, and start drawing.
How to draw a cylinder and a cube with a pencil:
  • because the bottom we have a cube, first draw it on a sheet of paper. You can correctly draw, first draw the front square, and then diagonal lines to add volume. Connect the rear lines, then erase the extra faces.
  • Now draw a cylinder. The process of recreation is no different from previous versions, as the cube is too smooth surface.
  • When you place figures, erase extra faces.
  • Go to the shadows. Since we have in drawing is the pyramid, then the total shadow they will have one in the shape of a tower.
  • front Draw shadows on the figures according to how you have the light.
  • Finish the rear wall and the table.

Such songs can be done in many different depending on your desire. Once you master the skill of drawing geometric figures, you will be able to draw more complex subjects or compositions.

Tips artists

  • to understand how to draw a cylinder well, it is better to be based on real object, in advance, adjusting the lighting.
  • Convenient to draw on the tablet, as the sheet will not slip.
  • Use pencils with different degrees of hardness.
  • do Not rush when carrying items, and if something doesn't work out, don't be afraid to start over.