How to draw a dog Chihuahua - tips artist

the Chihuahua is a tiny breed of dog, bred Mexicans. Those who want to learn how to draw a dog Chihuahua, should consider its features and characteristics.

Step 1

First on the sheet of paper need to draw two circles - big and small. They should be superimposed on each other, as shown in the example. This is the future face of the dog.

Step 2

Ears of this breed are very large, upright, set wide apart under an angle of 45 degrees relative to the head. At the base they are broad but with narrow pointed tips. So they need to portray in the picture. The lugs resemble the leaves of the trees that children draw.

Step 3

How to draw a dog a Chihuahua? The next stage is the trunk. This breed has a wide chest, but the body itself is compact, barrel-shaped, and refined. The two wires you need to simulate the neck and torso, as in the example above.

Step 4 of the lesson "How to draw a dog Chihuahua"

Draw the legs of moderate length. Each is depicted using two parallel arcs.

Step 5

Draw a Crescent-shaped tail of medium length. Chihuahuas hold their tails high, they have curved and forms a semicircle with a sharp tip directed to the back.
If you did everything correctly, at this stage of the lesson "How to draw a dog Chihuahua", you should get a thumbnail as the picture.

Step 6

get Down to the detail of the image. First, draw the eye. The representatives of this breed are amazingly beautiful eyes - large, very expressive and absolutely dark. Placed under a small angle towards the muzzle.

Step 7

will Give shape face. It resembles an inverted heart, but more rounded. In the upper part of the muzzle, draw a big nose like in the picture.

Step 8

Give lugs bulge with short strokes, running parallel to the main lines. On the neck wear the collar that will decorate the bone. This will give the picture a liveliness.

Step 9

nearing the end of our lesson is "How to draw a dog Chihuahua". Gradually this is not so difficult, was it? Most importantly - step by step to implement the recommendations of the master.

Now we need to confidently identify all the major lines of the drawing and use a soft eraser to remove excess.
If you did everything correctly and clearly followed step by step instructions, then you will get the same dog as our artist.

Make one more step towards perfection!

Step 10, the closing

Now you know how to draw a dog Chihuahua pencil. But for full completion of your masterpiece picture can be painted. The picture of the dog painted in a natural way, that is as close to this. But a Chihuahua can be filled with any color - get a fancy dog.