How to draw a Dachshund step-by-step lesson

That figure was similar to the original, it is very important to grasp the characteristic features of the object. For example, the Dachshund is a dog special. This breed has a very elongated body with relief muscles, short thick feet, a long pointed snout and gently drooping long ears. Representing appearance of this dog, you go to the lesson on how to draw a Dachshund. Step by step, step by step to make this very simple.

Step 1: guide the shapes

First you need to draw two circles which will be the guide shapes to build the body of a Dachshund. Do not try to paint them perfect, just draw two circles at a distance from each other - one more, another less, as in the example above. Over a large circle add another circle with a smaller diameter head for future taxes. Another tip master - not much force on the pencil in the initial stages. The sketch is supposed to be pale, then a clear strong strokes it was possible to give it expression.

Step 2

Now we need to draw a vertical line dividing the head in half is the basis for the ear. Next to finish narrower the arc, as a reference for the dog's muzzle. Let's move on to the next step of the lesson how to draw a Dachshund.

Step 3: we create an image

Smooth, slightly curved lines connect the basic shapes of the animal's body to form the image of a Dachshund. Straight line upward, draw the next tail. You still wonder how to draw a Dachshund? With a pencil draw two very short lines under the dog's body as guides for the feet.

Step 4: draw a face

At this stage of the lesson how to draw a Dachshund, is a bit trickier. Your task is to give the face a natural. First you need to draw the eye in form it is similar to "less than" sign, flipped the "bird", and inside it is necessary to represent the eyeball.
Using the base (vertical line on the head), "will present" the Dachshund ear - long, oval, broad. Using short strokes, draw the folds and bends on this body part.
Now, at the end of the arc, depicting the face, huge nose. It is similar to an inverted triangle with rounded corners.
From the nose to the bottom of the arc, two lines, one under the other - make the dog's mouth. And the bottom line should be slightly shorter than the top, as in the example.

Step 5 of the lesson "How to draw a Dachshund"

At this stage, draw dog paws. A characteristic feature of this breed is short strong legs. So they draw using the guidelines at the bottom of the trunk. Don't forget that the lines should be uneven, as it were, a step to transmit the proper form of the joints. Ahead definitely need to finish the toes. This will give the figure credence. The above example will tell you how to draw a Dachshund at this stage.

Step 6: drawing the body

Curved flowing lines on the sketch to draw the dog's body, making a wide muscular chest and a slimmer belly.

Step 7: the tail

Now we draw the tail. It needs to be raised up defiantly at the base of a thicker and tapered towards the end, slightly curved.

Step 8. Close to the finish line!

there are only a few steps, and the lesson "How to draw a Dachshund" will be over.

At this stage the main form dog is ready. Now you need a soft eraser, gently remove all of the support strokes and confident hand to hold the line for turning the sketch into a full-fledged figure, not forgetting the folds on the shoulder and the abdomen. If you did everything correctly, then your Dachshund will be the same as in the example above.

Step 9, last

With the help of shading, light and shadows need to "spice up" our four-legged friends! Now you know how to draw a Dachshund with a pencil.