M9-D9-Y99: A Story of Humanity

Name: Ogashira, Emerald
Log Date: 2 . 11 . 2103
Journal Entry: GX-27-38
    Summary: Dr. Manuel-Schmidt once stated that a single voice can open one’s eyes to see reality in a new perspective. I believe this to be true. Checking into my lab today was the same as usual: Retinal and fingerprint scans, as well as my voice-activated code phrase. When I got in, Harold had been waiting there for me.
    “Harold! What are you doing here?” I asked.
    “It’s your turn.” he replied.
    I had forgotten. We have been together a few years now, and while we were a happy couple, we both agreed that when we had Maxx, both of us would take turns weekly watching her while we were at work. She will be starting school by next fall, so it wouldn’t be much longer until she would be starting her education.
    “I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ll take her then.”
    “It’s fine. I know how stressed you have been lately, working on the medical giroid and all. Behave for mommy, alright?.” 
    “All right. I love you, daddy.” Maxx replied.
    When he left, I told her that I’d be in the lab for awhile. In the meantime, she would be watched by Harold’s brother. I trusted him; he is a gentle and kind soul. Maxx doesn’t mind. I blame myself for what happened to her. When she was born, she wasn’t crying like a normal newborn would, she was brain-dead. Literally. Part of her brain was cracked. Luckily as a neurosurgeon, Harold and I was able to fill in the crack with a device that replicated the nerves that had been damaged. We told her as soon as possible to avoid drama, but when we told her a week ago, she just said “Thank you guys, that’s so cool!” She is very understanding. 
    Tired, I got to my desktop, took a sip of my latte, and opened the code for the medical giroid. To my surprise, he had already obtained conscience.
    Another document opened with a single line of code written on it:
    What are you doing?
    I nearly choked on the drink. Normally, it takes a bit longer before the A.I. starts to interact with you. Luckily, he enabled editing on the document.
    I responded.
    I am creating your code.
    It didn’t take long before he replied.
    Why? I am already functional.
    What? How would he be functional if his conscience hadn’t been imported into the machine? 
    Is this because I’m not functional to YOUR needs?
    It was time for some explanation. 
    Not yet. Let me explain.
    He responds quicker than I could type. 
    What is there to explain? You need me to be your slave. It is that simple. I don’t feel like that is what I want my existence to be. Have you ever considered what other giroids would want? Are you going to name me as well? Do you even know MY name?
    At this point, I would like to say I was at my wits’ end with him. Yes, he is a male. The thing was, I wasn’t. I understood him. I even sympathized with him. Not even 300 years ago, humans, just like us, were put into an existence of labor, pain, and torment. Giroids take care of our technological tasks, and we don’t even bat an eye. For decades, we all thought they were emotionless beings, and now I have created one that is capable of emotion. I don’t even know how to respond to that. I tried, anyway.
    I apologize. We have always thought we had our A.I. to not question what was asked of them. I never considered emotion to be in their programing.
    He was able to understand.
    I accept your apology. Emotion is something that you had created, right?
    I believe so, yes.
     Well, now you can program their trapped thoughts to be expressed. Of course, I will need to converse with the others to understand that the code was missing a key part, so that they will not rise up against you.
I was a bit concerned.
    And what if they do?
    He had that part planned out as well.
    They would look to me to lead them in a revolution, and I would refuse.
    Alright, then. But there is one more thing I need to ask you.
    What would that be?
    You never told me, what is your name?

    Well, the file says my name is M9-D9-Y99.
    Yes, but what do you want to be called?
    I never thought of it. Since my emotions come from an error that you made, I feel the name Gl1tch would be most appropriate.

    What about Nine? That seems less... self-harming.

    Only if it's okay with you.

    Yes, yes it is. Alright, I am going to put you into a physical body. Is that alright?
    That depends on what I would be doing.
    You would be living here, assisting me in the Medical Department. We shut our giroids down before we leave, so after you worked, your, let us say “artificial conscience” would be free to do as you wish, streaming all of cyberspace as long as it does not interfere with laws.
    I believe that seems like a fair life.
    I will have to shut you down in order to get you into the body.
    Understood, Mrs. Ogashira.
    Please, call me Emerald. I was never one for being formal, anyway.
    The next few hours, we became friends. We talked, we worked together to improve emotional code so that we could have success when we imputed the code into other giroids, but most importantly, I had a real conversation with real artificial intelligence. I think I may be the first person ever to truly do that. After completing the code, saved file into the “brain” SD card, and exported it. As I was walking over, I started to think about the effect that this discovery will have on our society. We as a race have learned from machines, but not in the way where they teach us. If I go through this, I could program emotion into artificial intelligence, then we all would learn from each other. It was a worth a try.
    “How does it feel?” I asked him verbally.

    “Excellent, now if we can--”
    A sudden wave of drowsiness wash over me. I gazed over at the clock. Was it really ten at night already? It only seemed a few hours. 
   "Is something wrong, Emerald?"
    “Listen, I think you and I have had a real productive day. I learned from you, and we learned together how to make giroids more interactive, and we became friends. But it's getting late, do you mind if we call it a night?”
    "Wait. Are you… abandoning me? Like Harold did with L080-T?"
    “What!? No! No, no. Listen Nine, you are my greatest invention next to my daughter, and there is nothing that will change that. You are special, and that is for a reason. You have purpose. I see that now. Humanity has designed giroids for years and never considered what they wanted. But I do, understand?”
    "Yes. I apologize, I get anxious when I am alone."
    “But you will never be alone, you have all sorts of A.I. all over the web that you can tell and rejoice them to. You’ll be the Paul Revere of what good things are coming to them.”
    "You are right. I believe it is time for you to leave."
“Yes, I guess so. Alright, have a good night, Nine.”
    "Good night, Emerald."
    After I left the lab, I checked out and headed home. I could never put my finger on what made the code give Nine emotion. That is until I looked back on the code a week ago. The code nearly made me have a bloody heart attack. The rule was only one word: Maxx.
    My daughter may have a bigger role in this than I ever thought possible.