A few tips on how to draw a poster correctly

the school often students are given the task: “Think and draw the poster”. Wall papers can be a variety of topics. But most often is asked to draw a poster “take care of the air”, “Keep clean water” and similar tasks related to environmental protection.


What to portray on the poster is “take care of the air”

it is not Enough just to take a piece of paper and something to draw. The newspaper needs to be complete to have meaning and to convey useful information. To understand how to draw a poster, you need to read what is being done to preserve a given natural resource. Most often depicted in a thematic paper:
  • <span>the Objects and actions which harm the air. It can be cars which leave the exhaust gases. Also often depicted Smoking chimneys of factories, turbines of nuclear power plants.</span>
  • <span>in Addition what pollutes the air paint what helps to preserve its purity and fitness for respiration. You can represent a person riding a Bicycle or wikivoyage tree. Also often in the Newspapers for the protection of air draw wildlife, the forest as a symbol of the green lungs of the planet. In fact it helps to clear the air from all harmful components.</span>
  • <span>Before you can draw a poster, is also obtained from selected sources of useful information. You can cut out of the newspaper article is important and stick on the paper in the selected place. Often children and adults compose a poem or take the finished creations to put them on the poster.</span>


What kinds of speeches you can write on the newspaper

<span> in Addition to information about how to draw a poster, you should also reflect on text content. It can be poetry, prose, anything, most importantly, the text was thematic. For example, you can use the following statements:</span>
  • take care of the air, we need him. We breathe it allows and inspires health.
  • You do not break the trees, the purity of nature keep, and then everything will be grade in each of us.
  • Air should be protected, without it we are nothing. Need to stop the naughty and bullies who break the trees and the forest do not protect.
This Amateur rifmovannyy lines that schoolchildren can put on the poster dedicated to the protection of air.
<span>For older children will need the more serious line: "</span>you Need to take care of forests, fields and gardens, and remember that the woods are the green lungs of our planet. Everyone should care that the air was clean and clear, no harm to health. Using scientific achievements, it is necessary to modernize the plants, to stabilize the operation of production facilities, the use of electric vehicles. take care of nature! the Earth - our only home!"


How to draw a poster of an unusual and memorable

<span> To the newspaper was really noticed and effective, it should address the human conscience and sense of duty, to use contrasts. The poster can be issued: </span>
  • half of the sheet should paint the rainbow and colorful flowers. To draw happy children, walking on a clean floor or on the green Sunny meadow.
  • On the second half of the paper to draw a Smoking pipe plant, dullness, crows. You can also portray dumped garbage in waterways, dead trees, withered flowers - all that enough imagination.
Such a contrast of life and death, clearly show how much man can influence nature, both positively and negatively. In the paper, in any case, it will be shown that there is in reality.
Very sorry, but many people don't realize how important it is to protect the environment. The poster must use true facts to reveal all eyes to the very serious issues of our lives.