How to draw a hatchet – a simple matter

In ancient times, the axe was considered a weapon. Now it is used as a working tool. Although the gun used in the home, and it seems universal, varieties axe a few. Each looks different and used for different purposes.
It is universal, used by carpenters; multi-function – used as a regular axe, and pickaxe, and crowbar; cleaver – designed to split firewood; timber harvesting; tourism – small and light in weight.

How to draw a axe

learn how to draw axe. Undertake all the necessary tools for drawing. First you need to know what parts of a particular kind of axe. Without this is difficult to understand how to draw the ax.
This weapon consists of a blade, ax, ax, proha. The blade, butt and Prok – metal parts, ax-the wooden part of the axe.
First with a pencil sketch of the future drawing. Be sure to consider the parameters of this ax. The pattern should not seem that some part doesn't match the dimensions of the gun.
Sketch begins with drawing the blade and butt. Must correctly rounded part of a butt. Hereinafter referred to prog. When painting it is important to choose the right color. Itself the metal part – steel color blade – a little lighter, but inside proha bit darker.

When painting the stick, you must correctly outline the contour. In ax there is a small notch designed to hold the ax.
in Addition to the correctly matched color wood for the stick, you need to do the necessary tree structure.
Given the color scheme, texture, you can understand how to draw the ax.

Porridge from axe

Interested to learn how to draw a porridge from an ax. In the fairy tale we are talking about a soldier who cooked porridge from an ax. Therefore, it will be enough to draw a pot where we will see the ax, and inside of pot – a tasty wheat porridge. Its too easy to do. The main thing - correctly to pick up color.

once you Understand how to draw the axe, you can learn how to draw other types of guns.