Solar impressionism and the paintings of Laurent Parcele

the Pictures of Laurent Parcele like Sunny lace. They make a lasting impression, emit a soft and cozy light. When you look at the paintings the impression that the artist painted not colors, and many sunlight.

solar impressionism

Impressionism originated in France in the late 19th and early 20th century. Gradually, this art form has spread around the world. Literally impressionism means “impression”. Artists who painted in this style sought to capture the world in its mobility and variability. In the creativity they passed on their fleeting impressions.
For painting in the style of impressionism is characterized by rapid and free applying brush strokes of artists. The main principle – realistic. Impressionists convey on canvas a fleeting moment in their exact form. Feature of the method of the impressionist artists is the use of color on the canvas in its pure form, without mixing on the palette.
This art is often called the glorification of the sun. The painting in impressionist style, give the impression of calm and comfort, heat and light. They are a kind of hymn to nature and life.

Impressionist Laurent Parcela

Roland Parselle was Born in 1962 in France. His birthplace – an amazing place Chamalieres. She studied French in Paris at art school, then worked as a draftsman in comics, and then the multiplier. Laurent has written some stories for a very famous French magazine.
Already the first exhibition of his paintings (in 1992) conquered not only the ordinary citizens of France, but even critics and the press. From this point on is about the artist talking, he becomes known around the world. Sunny paintings by Laurent Parcele are sold not only in his homeland but throughout the world.

Now Parcele lives in France in his home town. In addition to painting, he has another hobby – daily morning Cycling. During these walks the artist admires the landscapes that inspire him to write new sun pictures.

Style Roland Parcela

Many critics and art historians have long recognized the pictures of Laurent Parcele the best paintings of contemporary impressionism. It works using the individual methods and techniques, which consist in Seating sunbeams on the canvas.
artist's Paintings Parcele full of feelings of energy and positivity. When you look at them it seems that the wizard uses instead of paint the sun's glare and smiles of the kids. Artist Laurent Parcele paintings, which were included in his first album, called "Strange world”. It is a world of goodness and light, joy and positive emotions.
Most famous paintings: La Pie Sur La Table, Fountain, Lumirerasante, Les Enfants Sur La Terrasse.
Pictures of Laurent Parcele made in unusual colors. The artist is so you pick up all the colors, even “cool” the shades in his paintings radiate heat. The sun in the paintings of Laurent's so bright, feeling like he got enough power to illuminate with its light the whole world.

paintings of Laurent Parcele is never bad weather. On them the sun shines always, sending their glare and sunbeams on the facades of houses, lawns, trees. Every person who is looking at amazing pictures of Laurent Parselle, guaranteed a positive charge and a good mood.