How to draw the Titanic in stages

History of the ship "Titanic" is known worldwide. The ship that everyone thought was unsinkable, struck an iceberg and sank in the spring of 1912. On Board were a lot of people, celebrities, luxury furniture, valuables. About brilliant in technical terms, a ship of enormous size removed a lot of movies, written a lot of articles.
How to draw a “Titanic” in stages? This is very simple. First, prepare the necessary supplies.

Tools and materials

We need:
  • pencil.
  • paper.
  • Eraser.
This is a simple kit that probably you have at home. Now on to the drawing.

How to draw a “Titanic”: key elements

  • entire length of the sheet of paper in the lines sketching the outlines of the vessel. For this purpose along the bottom of the sheet draw the line. The line should be slightly tilted to the right. Draw a rectangle. It will be housing our ship. The left rectangle is supposed to be narrower than the right.
  • pull Back a little from the top of the rectangle and draw a line parallel to the main rectangle. This is the deck of the ship. The main part of the vessel, divide the line vertically into two parts.
  • Above the rectangle on the left need to draw two parallel lines sloping upwards. When the lines intersect with a vertical bar pivoted to the pencil and lead of a line with a slope down. They should rest on the ship. We turned the corner of the upper decks.
  • preparation for our ship is ready.

How to draw a “Titanic”: optional elements

  • Draw a “Titanic” pipe. There will be four. Three will be located to the left of the vertical bar and one on the right. Very close to tube us draw the largest, those that are farther away from us – smaller. Pipe and the entire ship needs to be slightly slanted.
  • Now came the masts. The mast will be denoted by vertical bars. They should be much higher than the pipe. The masts podruzamevaet rope mesh in the shape of a triangle. Triangle divide the neat touches in small squares.
  • Draw the window of the cabin.
  • Paint the lower part of the ship and the top of the pipe a dark color or just sastrawan pencil. When you're stroking the pipe, leave a small white vertical strip that it seemed that they reflected the light.
  • Deck and cabin make a light.
  • Add the water at the bottom of the picture: make the smooth gray surface on which short strokes, draw a ripple.
  • Add small details to your liking. Our “Titanic” ready.

Now, thanks to this manual you know how to draw a “Titanic”. Practice, and you certainly will succeed.