Wall painting: from cave paintings to modern times

Wall painting is the oldest art however, to determine exactly when it first appeared, is difficult.

Rock art

it is Known that in prehistoric times our ancestors inflicted primitive drawings on the walls of caves in which they dwelt. Rock art dates back to Paleolithic times. Early humans – this is the first artists in the world, leaving behind silent witnesses of their existence on earth, and pictures contain an incredible amount of valuable information about their lives and way of life.

Wall paintings of the tombs of the pharaohs

Not all experts agree with the fact that petroglyphs are the prototype of this painting. Many are called wall paintings of Ancient Egypt a wonderful example of fine art. Decorated with mortuary temples testify to the enormous talent and giftedness of the people of the great civilization left to posterity many mysteries.
Wall painting tells of the terrible deities and important historical events. All works are closely associated with mythology and religion, subject to strict rules. Artificially created space was filled with paintings that have meaning. Over time, the great masterpieces began to appear in the tombs of the pharaohs, who wanted to decorate their post-mortem abode. The ancient masters had several objectives-to glorify the ruler and to do everything that his tomb was considered the most beautiful.

Pictures put on the walls of tombs, and thus perpetuate the life of the deceased Pharaoh in the afterlife. That is why the wall paintings of Egypt reproduces landscapes and any emotion. The figures are often supplied by characters that complement the essence of the image.

Significant difference between the drawings of prehistoric man and the Egyptians

are There any differences between rock paintings made by primitive man, from the pictures in Egyptian tombs? They have in common the apparent simplicity of the drawings, but artists are the most famous civilization reliably reproduced every part of the body, except for the slightest distortion. They carefully observe all the proportions of the human figure. Unflappable rulers, persons with no feelings, always depicted young and high growth, thus the artists emphasized their importance in society.
Over time, the technique of mural painting improved: clearly transmitted images, the composition acquires the organization.

the Art of Ancient Rome

the Most common version is the one that sees the close connection of wall paintings with frescoes made by masters of the greatest state of Antiquity. And when it comes to Roman art, it should be noted that it is radically different from the Egyptian.

Murals – this is a special type of mural painting where the pigment powder is mixed with water and applied on the wet surface, previously covered with a layer of plaster. They are well preserved in dry climate, therefore, was so popular in Italy.

the Altar of the world – the new word in painting

During the reign of Augustus came the altar in honor of the goddess of the world, which is a quadrangular structure. The walls of the historical monument, decorated with images and ornaments, as if to protrude above the plane and begin to interact with the space. Artists and architects have made incredible effect: the audience seemed that they were standing in an alcove, thus the masters have created the illusion of depth.
Roman creators were already familiar with the techniques of chiaroscuro and applied, embodying artistic images. The picture was accompanied by a landscape background, the inclusion of inserts with a contoured figures of people, and later the wall painting was a complex design that resembles a theatrical stage.

Religious scenes alternate with images of social life

during the Renaissance artists who depicted on the walls of illusion are extremely appreciated and their masterpieces was so realistic that the audience did not found the boundary line between the fictional world with the real one. In this period wall painting becomes secular. The brilliant creators of paint not only temples, but the interiors of dwellings.

Modern wall painting

Before the revolution in Russia, the wall painting was considered a measure of the status of the owner - the pictures were a representation of his wealth. In recent years in our country, it regained popularity since due to the volume of pictures it is possible to expand the space and emphasize the individuality of its inhabitants. Modern designers know how to diversify the interior and make the bright colors in houses and apartments, built according to the template.

painting the walls – is not only beauty and harmony, and durability. Many of the works, lending a charm that is unique, and their owners warm to the idea that they are the only owners of genuine masterpieces.