"Break" means crazy

What is the "break": a trendy dance or a lifestyle? Let's try to understand in this article.


In the mid-70s of the last century on the streets of American cities comes a fashion movement Break Dance. At first it just entertainment for young people from low-income neighborhoods, some kind of competition when you need to hit the opponent with originality dance moves and elements of acrobatics. Say, then arranged a kind of battles (battles) and the winner is the one whose movements were marked by originality, and no one was able to repeat them.

Very soon "breakdance" spread around the world and become part of dance culture, winning the hearts of millions. In English the word “break” – to break, turns “broken dance”. In the slang of the “break” it means crazy, which is very accurately conveys the essence of this dance, because his movements are not to be confused with anything else. With a light hand of DJ Kool Herc the dance itself became known as B-boying, and dancers B-boys and B-girls – dancers broken bits. Yes, Yes, among fans of this dance and there was a lot of girls. And let it is considered more complex than other types of dances as it requires good physical preparation, bi-girls are not inferior to guys. Originally, the dance used the elements of speed on the ground (Get on the Good Foot). 1977 a group from the Bronx, Rock Steady Crew edited the dance, adding a lot of acrobatic moves and plastics.

Main areas

Conventionally, break dancing is divided into two areas:
  • lower the "break" (style, power moves and power tricks) consists of complex acrobatic tricks, requiring good physical condition;
  • upper "break" – free style dance moves and lots of improvisation.
Each of them has a number of characteristic differences. At the bottom are mainly used acrobatic cords and power stunts, mostly on the floor.
Upper "break" unrealistic plastic, it's unique, from the point of view of physics, movement in space, the incredible his own body, it's just a surprise and delight. But that's not all. It is divided into 5 styles: "electric Boogie", the "king of tat", "robot", "loking" and "pop". And these five can be further divided into two groups: street and stage. “Street dance”, street dance, “locking” and “POPs”, more alive, less rules, more improvisation. The other three – already the stage break dancing, each of which is characterized by its main elements.


"electric Boogie" (Electric Boogie) – mainly the wave, "wavy": a broken, trembling, discrete, passing one another. An important element for the waves (body wave) - "gliding" or sliding over the floor, like skating or in a circle, like a compass. "Explosion" – explosions, carrying the body forward, backward, side to side, from one point. "Snap" (click "break") is jumping from one sphere to another body, from one mood to the next. "Twist of Flex" - flexible turn around its axis from top to bottom and Vice versa. The impression that the dancer hangs in the air, moving in a viscous mass.
"king tat" reminds Wushu. Are everywhere right angles, straight hands plus soft movement of the snake and waves. Sometimes it is considered ‘dance of the pharaohs".

"the Robot break" – this is a very hard style. This vibration, shaking, static. One of the pioneers of this style believe the Eddie Addison, the main elements of "breaking" to set down in the film “Bracket”. According to his version, the robot moves straight with your arms outstretched, legs, body, with widely opened chest. Later the style changes, introduces an element of fluidity and lightness. As an example, the robot of Michael Jackson with his moon walk.The impression that he moves not on solid ground, but in lunar gravity, or moving in some viscous.

In this style, there are sub-genres: "cyber-robot", "bio-robot", "robot Jack", "plastic man", "robot puppet", etc. If this is "break dance" for children, it is very important to convey the gait, character. So, robot Jack hard, a bio-robot is much softer, Robocop – a bit of aggression. Gait is all different: with commits, sticky, gait via flash peremagnichivaniya, smooth, the moonwalk. There are, as we move forward, and go back with a small Ding, as from electric shock, with a show of hands feet etc. Modern b-boys unite "break" dancing in several styles, allowing you to make the speech much more interesting.

Music hip-hop

the Development of "break dancing" is closely connected with electronic music. Since then much has changed, but the style remains the same. "Break dancing" refers to hip-hop culture, and therefore requires musical accompaniment in the style of funk, rap, soul. One of the unspoken rules of "break-dance": never dance, if not hip-hop!

What you need to know for the beginner

starting the exercises, it is important to know that this type of dancing is very traumatic. Because it contains complex routines and acrobatic elements.

[br]Especially the "break" for beginners - no special physical training did not learn. You need endurance, the ability to breathe and own a body, the ability to properly distribute the load.

Sport for b-boys

Before try headstand or flip, it is important to strengthen all muscle groups. You should start with sports: pump up the press, to Jogging and jumping. Not an exception and "break dance" for children. Well, if it's not just training in the gym, but a daily home practice: running, jumping, pull-UPS, push-UPS, sit-UPS, stretching, press. After all, without the daily training the risk of injury only increases. [br][br]And only a few months after the start of the hard training you can begin to "break dance". It's a good start to learn to stand and move on the hands, the head (“baby”, “candle”, “friezes”, “cricket”, various “tatly”), to deal with stretching, and even better, to do the splits (“dalaal” and all kinds of «gelika»).