How to draw Hercules? Stepwise description of the process

If you had a chance to touch the mysteries of Greek mythology, most likely, the question will arise: "How to draw Hercules?” After all, he is one of the most mentioned characters of the Greek legends. Half man, half God, he had incredible power and fantastic abilities. In myths, he had to perform twelve labors to become immortal and get to Olympus. All this makes the figure of Hercules (Italy - Hercules) is very interesting for cinema and multipliers.

getting started

to Draw this majestic character is not very difficult. And with this job can be done by even a novice artist. Based on the animated movie, Hercules – a young ambitious young man with relief muscles that, not sparing himself, rushes to the aid of friends. Also on the way, he is not averse to do any feat to gain acceptance and love of people. So, let's look at how to draw Hercules pencil step by step:
  • In the first stage you will need to determine the location of the character on a sheet of paper. Decent place is the center of the illustration. But just in case, if you don't think how to draw Hercules. In this case you will need to identify the location of all the characters.
  • Next, mark out the main lines of the figure at the location of the object. Note the horizontal lines the location of the head. The torso – two triangles, whose vertices are located overlapping each other. Place of overlapping peaks – waist level hero of the future.
  • Straight lines denoted by the neck, arms and legs of the character. Separately measure out a place for the shield – the oval in the center of the right hand.



Following steps will allow of the prepared layouts to draw the figure:
  • Already visible proportions and the main body part of Hercules. Next you need to round the main lines flowing movements of the pencil. Gain its shape, muscular arms, powerful legs and, of course, chin and ears. At this stage we begin to make the clothes the hero – we denote tunic, cloak and sandals.
  • Proceed to a deeper image of the figure and clothing of Heracles. On the head draw a hair laid messy hairstyle and supported by a bandage. It was worn so that hair does not interfere during the match. On the face mark the eye level, the location of the nose and mouth. Draw the upper border of the tunic on the principle of jerseys – no sleeves, the garment covers the torso.
  • How to draw Hercules, so there was no doubt in his power? It's very simple! Note the volume of the thorax with powerful muscles. Shoulders and biceps should be of significant size. The hand gathered into a fist, slightly more than the average person. And, of course, the feet of the hero. They are also not devoid of muscle mass, and feet, according to the principle of the hand, slightly increased.
  • clothes draw more the cloak, sandals and a tunic. It becomes a dense protective belt and pleated skirt. This form of clothing is not only not constrain movements during the battle, but also served as protection in battle. On the shield denoted the mount to the arm and a metal rim which adds strength to the product. Eraser erase all auxiliary lines of the painting.


From the final stage of work depends on the whole image. How responsible is the artist coming to the design details, shows his level of skill. How to draw Hercules? At the last stage of a detailed effective shall be subject to all the fine details of the image. Issued face, tie on sandals, jewelry shield. Optionally, you can decorate it with colored pencils or watercolors.
Now you know how to draw Hercules - a significant character in Greek mythology. This job doesn't seem so complicated. With the gradual drawing can not only create a separate figure of Hercules, but to portray his exploits.