How to draw a mosquito step-by-step instruction

Who may be wondering how to draw a mosquito? These blood-sucking insects spoil the quiet of a summer evening, itching on the ear when walking in the woods and not allowed to sleep at night. Their existence is only happy birds and plants that feed on the larvae, Yes, maybe, different means from mosquitoes.


However, these little squeaking bloodsuckers still depict on paper. How to draw a mosquito in stages? These insects may appear slightly different. First, on Earth there are many mosquito species and they, of course, the figure will be different from each other. Secondly, even a single view can be represented in different techniques and using different art tools. The most accessible tool - a pencil.

Naturalistic image typical of people with art education, but they don't usually wonder about how to draw a mosquito with a pencil in stages. It is rather interested in children. Kids can pretend to be the fearless hero who saved a Fly buzzing fly, or just fun Midge. The most suitable for their work style is cartoonish.


If a child, then it must be all that you may need to draw:
  • Quality paper. A thin sheet is enough to make a few corrections with the eraser and it will break. Better not to skimp on the Foundation and buy special thick paper for drawing.
  • Pencils.

  • Eraser. It should be soft, not to tear the paper and carried the dirt.
  • If a child wants to draw, and parents are far from it and I can't tell you how to draw a mosquito, care should be taken a visual step by step instructions that would help him in the process.


Start drawing Midge-hero should be eye.
  • On the sheet are represented two ellipses. The more they are, the nicer will come out a hero. Pupils can note just points.
  • Bottom pririsovyvat a semicircle. It will be the cheeks. It is possible to slightly distort the shape, adding this part of the face bulk, and the mosquito - geniality.
  • On the semicircle is drawn with a wide smile. How to draw a mosquito, so he was recognizable? To add to his long, sharp nose.
  • Since the character is cartoonish, if you want you can do his hair. In nature this does not happen, and the picture long curls or short “hedgehog” is a perfectly permissible variant.
  • Draw a belly. It should be oval in shape, going across the strips. Should they be not straight on a flat surface, and slightly curved, like a semicircle, but with less deflection.
  • Legs are to portray only two thin, slightly curved bars with small ovals at the base of the feet.
  • Wings-shaped drop are drawn from under the head. They can portray the pattern of Christmas trees - longitudinal stripe extending from her short dashes.
  • Handles are drawn by analogy with legs. In one small oval-Cam clamped the sword.
step-by-step instructions explaining how to draw a mosquito, this task becomes feasible even for kids.