How to draw big Ben pencil in stages

the Most famous and recognizable place in London — big Ben. The building where is located this landmark-the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster.
How to draw big Ben with a pencil in stages? It's not difficult. Only need to follow the instructions.


Prepare to work:
  • a pencil;
  • page;
  • line;
  • eraser.

How to draw big Ben-the Essentials

  • first you need to draw paralellogram it will be the wall of the chapel, which then will watch.
  • Now draw another parallelogram to depict a second wall of the tower. It turned out something resembling an open book or a card, located the cover to us.
  • From the bottom of both walls swipe to the side straight lines. Harvesting our pattern.
  • Draw the roof of our tower. First draw a small rectangle. Its width should be slightly less than the width of the wall, height — too low.
  • Top of the resulting rectangle add a trapezoid with concave sides. The bottom side should be slightly bigger than the rectangle.
  • similarly complete this part of the roof and on the other wall of the tower.
  • At the bottom of the dome draw a line. She needed to figure seemed more three-dimensional.
  • Now draw a small cube on the roof.
  • Over the cube position concave with one side of the triangle, it should hang over a cube, and not stand on it. And connect his lines with the cube.
  • Mark the location of the clock itself.
  • Now you need to draw the horizontal bars on the front and side walls of the tower.

Adding items

Learn on how to draw big Ben.
  • slide two vertical stripes on each of the walls of the building. Draw notches on the walls with zigzags.
  • Under the clock and add seven small shaded ovals. The upper ovals should be a little larger.
  • Swipe 7 fatty lines in each square division of the tower. Their edges should be slightly rounded.
  • Now naceratice 5 short strips on the cube on the roof.
  • Add thin lines on the side wall of the chapel.
  • Draw 3 circles one in another colour for the dial on the front side and from the side.
  • Make notches o'clock on the dial and finish of the arrow.
  • triangles on the roof to jot down a small window. To paint the spires on all the corners of the roof.
  • Add the notches on the tower and the small details around the dial.
  • Our drawing is ready.

Now you know how to draw big Ben!