What is the maracas and how to do it

Musical instrument maracas known for many centuries. It is a traditional the shock-noise tool the Taino, the indigenous inhabitants of the Antilles. Now the maracas are especially popular in Latin America and have become an integral part of the local music.
Usually the person playing the maracas, uses just 2 instruments, one in each hand.

Maracas in ancient times

Originally, maracas were made from dried fruit karabasova tree. The fruit of this tree, dubbed "Aguero", reach a length of 35 centimeters. Therefore, they were used not only for making maracas, but for dishes.
to make a maracas, he took the fruit of rounded shape. The technology of manufacturing of musical instrument was simple enough. The fruit was done two apertures, was removed with a soft middle. Next, the fruit was dried, and inside poured the seeds or pebbles. Each tool had its own special, unique sound, and all because of the amount of filler in each fruit was different. At the final stage, the maracas were attached pen.

Maracas is still popular in many countries around the world. Their production is almost unchanged. And now you can find these musical instruments made of higuero, pumpkins or even leather. Of course, they are also produced from modern materials, primarily made of plastic.

How to make maracas at home

Now that we understand what the maracas, you can experiment and try to make it themselves. Incidentally, the maracas are used not only as a tool, providing an interesting musical accompaniment, but also as a rattle for children. Long ago people noticed that the pleasant noise of processed fruits, Aguero, able to interest and soothe even the most active of children.
Below are tips on how to make maracas with his hands.
To make this kind of musical instrument we need:
  • multicolored eggs made of plastic (you can use a kinder surprise egg);
  • any cereals (buckwheat, rice, millet) and beans (peas, soybeans, mung); can use beads or beads;
  • even number of disposable spoons;
  • white tape;
  • markers or acrylic paint to decorate.

Make a musical instrument in stages

Make maracas at home.
  • Open the eggs and fall asleep inside the rump or beading.
  • Glue two plastic spoons on the sides with white duct tape. In the first case, gently stick the spoon one straight white line that divides the egg into 2 halves.
  • second option cover all the eggs with tablespoons of white tape. Try to keep the surface turned smooth as possible.
  • using paint or markers decorate the surface of maracas.
  • you Can sprinkle the surface with sequins or beads, using glue.
Everything is ready. Now the child knows what the maracas and how to do it. To consolidate the material, let him try to make a second egg on their own.

Maracas coconut

in order to know what the maracas in its original form, we need to put a little more effort. And all because we have to make a tool out of a coconut. In principle, the technology is the same as the previous version with eggs. The difference is only in the decoration of the coconut.
We need:
  • coconut;
  • beads, beads, dried corn or any other filler;
  • wood glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • saw for wood;
  • acrylic paint
  • beading, sequins, or other decorative elements;
  • rope.
instructions for making the following:
  • With a hacksaw remove the tip of the coconut. This is where there are holes.
  • Sandpaper smoothen the surface of the coconut and the tops, which are separated.
  • Pour the filler into the nut.
  • In the cover punch two holes and thread them through the rope or tape.
  • Now you only have to glue the two parts with glue.
  • Zashpaklyuyte the surface of the coconut again.
  • Decorate the maracas with beautiful patterns or decor elements. Alternatively, to make the maraca handle of a wooden stick. Then the cover is a one hole to a diameter suitable for pens. With the help of glue all the parts are connected.

Make a couple of instrument. Here are some interesting we got the maracas. The photo presented in the article demonstrate this tool.
Give your creation to dry - and you can start playing and dancing. The product is good for gift handmade.
Now you know what a maraca, and how to do it yourself.