How to draw a dream catcher? Step by step instructions

Skills in the image of ornaments and symbols sooner or later become necessary for everyone who is somehow associated with creativity. Especially if we are talking about popular characters. How to draw a Dreamcatcher,and this is one of those characters that will tell a paragraph.

What is the catcher?

Dreamcatcher - an ancient talisman of the Indians, which was intended to protect the dreams of the sleeper. According to beliefs, evil spirits and bad dreams were caught in the web of this amulet, and not bother people. While the good dreams could come through a small hole inside the catcher. Talisman is a wicker of branches of the circle within which there is the delicate web of threads. The dream catcher attached feathers and beads.
Today, the amulet is widely used as an original decorative piece. How to draw a dream catcher, you know not only the artists, but tattoo artists - a very common mascot as a pattern for the body. His motives used in the manufacture of jewelry, and home decor, and clothing.

How to draw a Dreamcatcher in stages?

Dreamcatcher to portray is quite simple. With this process, even for an aspiring artist. In General, the image turns out as a result of these simple steps:
  • you First need to draw two rings of different diameter, one within the second. Within their center, you need to put a point or to represent another small circle. It will be the basis for other builds.
  • Next step depends on your own preferences. You can draw rays extending from the center to the outer circles, overlapping petals, triangles, etc to create the effect of cobwebs inside the main circle. The circle you can draw additional wavy lines so that it looked okrujenii rope.
  • Next from the main circle depart the line representing the rope. At their ends can be represented by the smaller circles by type of main or feathers of a bird. Dream catcher can be decorated and given beads. For example, in the joints parts. The smaller circles inside can repeat the pattern core, and may differ.
  • with regard to color, usually the catcher is depicted with brown and its shades. Embellished but it can be different tones. It is also important to remember the color transitions and shadows. These moments will help to create volumetric image or to give it the effect of movement, for example, by the wind.
  • Before you draw a dream catcher with a pencil, you should consider that you will have to restore the main, the contour lines more bold. Therefore, before painting it is important to get pencils of different softness. One is easier to restore the line, and the other stroking the shadows.

Tools and advice

How to draw a dream catcher? The set of tools it is advisable to acquire quite small. This will require a few simple pencils (of varying softness, as mentioned), a compass (for drawing smooth circles), a ruler (for straight lines) and eraser. If in the future the figure will be color, it will be useful favorite paints, pencils, or markers. The picture will be more expressive if you first shade the background, and then to restore the contours. The most convenient tool in this case is gel pen.

All other moments depend only on his own imagination and wishes. In addition, for those who know how to draw a dream catcher will no longer be a question about how to relax and put in order nerves. It is known that the image fine details perfectly soothes and helps a person to concentrate.