The image of Alexander Nevsky in the arts: description, interesting facts and reviews

Alexander Nevsky-a great man and a Prince, a competent military leader and diplomat, a model of spirituality and morality, played a huge role in the history of the Russian state. He was grateful not only for descendants, but also people living in modern times, many famous creators praising his image in art.

Alexander Nevsky: the person in history

anyone familiar with history knows such a person as Alexander Nevsky. He was a Great Prince of All Russia, and did much to develop power, which was strong in spirit and is known for its power.
Narrate about the life of a Prince can be long and hard, but it is better to list all of his titles, who will tell themselves: Prince of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev, Prince of Vladimir, the commander of the troops of the Kievan Rus and of the Holy Orthodox Church.
For his 42 years of life in the 13th century the Prince had a lot of, therefore for centuries the image of Alexander Nevsky in the art praised in many works. And since his contemporaries to the present day.

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in art: short contents

Alexander Nevsky familiar to everyone, and his name is always at the hearing, so named streets, squares and alleys, and for St. Petersburg, he is the patron Saint. However, not one image of the Prince has not survived, and everyone sees it differently. His image since ancient times, appears in various works of art and it is only possible to outline a number of areas:
  • old Russian literature.
  • fiction.
  • art.
  • Cinema.
  • Sculpture.

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in works of art: description

Literature, painting and icon painting, cinema and music, sculpture and architecture – different types of art, so not similar to each other. But in each direction can always be found significant figure who defended their land and their people, showing yourself as an example.

Can lead long monologue and to quote various people about what kind of person was the Prince to describe his achievements, how often the image of Alexander Nevsky in the works of art mentioned, and each view considered separately to understand how important it is as a historical figure.

Alexander Nevsky in painting

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in the art is found everywhere, in painting he paid a lot of attention. One of the artists created portraits and depicted during battles, others preferred to embody the image of the Saint, which today many believers bow.
First appearance in Russian art captured in miniature on the ice in the chronicle.

Note the Grand Duke paid a famous artist Nicholas Roerich, writing a few paintings Vasnetsov, and Corinne Moller and Serov with his famous painting "the Entry of Alexander Nevsky in Pskov after the battle on the Ice”.
Most artists portrayed Nevsky during wars and battles, showed his strong and courageous military leader, under whose command was not won one battle.

Nevsky in the works Semiradsky

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in the visual arts is evident in paintings by G. I. Semiradsky. In 1875 he as the student of the Art Academy in St. Petersburg was entrusted with the task to create four paintings dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky. Over the years, they have been lost, but in the Russian Museum you can see the sketches, which confirm their existence.
topics for the paintings were chosen by the artist himself, and discussed by a special Commission, which identified the following important stages in the life of a great Prince: when the Prince visited Batu Khan when he met with ambassadors, the day of his death and the miracle that occurred during the burial.
Siemiradzki was able to create spectacular pictures that gave meaning to the details. In the paintings combined skills obtained in the academic school, and the influence of German artist Piloty.
Written in the picture, where the Prince appears before the audience a young and energetic ruler, was not suitable for the temple. The sanctity of the Prince it is difficult to guess, the contemporaries noticed it and even wrote about it in the papers.

Alexander Nevsky and religion

Today, for all the Orthodox Alexander Nevsky is a Saint who pray every day hundreds of thousands of people, asking for help and thank you for a miracle. Already in 1280 he became venerated as a Saint, later the Prince was canonized by the Church. Alexander Nevsky is closely linked to religion, and it is expressed in different kinds of art.
Order Saint Alexander station was established by order of Catherine I, and the Soviet Union in 1942 was created the other, which is awarded for merits in military operations.
There are two most famous icons, one of which was created by Ivan Grekov in the 18th century.

Image of Alexander Nevsky in art was also reflected in the construction of temples in different cities of Russia. In Moscow on the territory of military units was laid the first stone in 1995 and consecrated by Alexy II.
In St. Petersburg in 1710 was laid the first stone of Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the construction lasted for a long time and with interruptions, was completed in 1790. The Cathedral was built in Petrozavodsk in the 19th century, although at first it was a Church plant built on the donations of employees.
even a long list of temples, churches and chapels, built under the name of Alexander Nevsky, but it is necessary to call the city, where one can see the Holy place: Yaroslavl, the Great and Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Pskov, Riga, Yalta, Tallinn and many others outside Russia.

In film

One important kind of culture that keeps the memory of the Prince, can be called cinema. In 1938, on the screens there was a film called "Alexander Nevsky" from Director Sergei Eisenstein. He was a marked the Stalin prize and adopted by the people, belongs today to classical paintings 30 years.
In 1941 when the Great Patriotic war, the film was returned to the rental, to maintain the spirit, he had an even more resounding success. The film starred everyone's favorite famous actors: Nikolai Cherkasov, Nikolai Okhlopkov, Andrei Abrikosov, and others.

story takes place in 1242. Ended the battle with the Swedes, the Rus began to attack the Teutonic troops. Completes the picture of the battle of lake Peipus.
Image of Alexander Nevsky in the art, including in this film, is very significant. The Prince is shown as the hero who always tried to defend their land and their people.

Literary works

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in various works of art, including literature, was widely praised by writers and poets. The first mention appeared in the literature thanks to the contemporary of the Prince. “the Life of Alexander Nevsky" refers to the monuments of Ancient Russia, tells of the exploits and courage of the Nevsky.

In 1977, he published the novel about the events of the 13th century, when Novgorod repelled the attack of the Germans. The story is about the destiny of a wise, spiritually rich, as a patriot of the Novgorod Republic. The story is called “Lord Novgorod the Great" written by D. M. Balashov.
well written novel trilogy "Alexander Nevsky" from the author S. P. Mosiyash. The work begins with what is described by the power of the city of Novgorod the Great, its importance and the purpose of capture neighboring countries. But Novgorod does not give up, after all, rises to his defense, the Prince and a brilliant military leader Nevsky.


In 1938, began a relationship with Director Sergei Eisenstein and composer Prokofiev. The main task of the musician was to create music to film the story on his ideas and opinion. Through the music the composer managed to convey the image of a hero, who fought in fierce battles, all combined with fine-picturesque episodes and a sing chorus scenes.
realization of the image of Alexander Nevsky has very clearly formulated in the works of Sergei Prokofiev, whose music was written in the poet's words lugovskogo. It is reflected in such a work as the cantata "Alexander Nevsky" consisting of seven parts. Each piece is designed for different performers: soloist, choir, or orchestra depending on the piece: "Ice", "Dead box", "the Crusaders in Pskov", etc.

Historical monuments

the Image of Alexander Nevsky in different types of art, including in sculpture, expressed by many architects today they can be seen throughout the country. The most well known are the following:
  • a Monument in Saint-Petersburg, created by architect Valentin Cosinuke and installed in 2002 in front of the entrance to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. The monument is made of pink granite, and the figure sitting on a horse, cast in bronze.
  • In 1993, in Pskov, a monument to Nevsky on the mountain Sokolikha, as it was in this city in 1242 a defeat of the Teutonic knights on lake Peipsi. The Creator of the statue of the architect Joseph Kozlovsky.
  • In Veliky Novgorod also has a monument erected in 1985 on promenade. On the anniversary of the victory on lake Peipus, a rally in tribute to the great commander. Another monument erected in the city centre, opposite the Church of Boris and Gleb.

in addition to these monuments, there are still monuments in Moscow, in Rostov-on-don, in Aleksandrov (Vladimir oblast), in Vladimir and Kursk.

personality Assessment Nevsky and the results of the Board

Alexander Nevsky lived and ruled in the 13th century, how true the information came to the present, no one really can not say. Historians of his person do not put by far the a good rate, sometimes the views are very opposite.
However, in 2008, the Prince called «Russia», and in 2016 he became the patron Saint of the land forces of the Russian Federation. Hard to argue with the fact that the image of Alexander Nevsky in art is present in many works have appeared in absolutely different times, his praise and feel great.
However, the reviews about this personality is not only positive. Some historians are of the opinion that the Prince had caused irreparable harm to the state, brought to the Russian lands of the Tatars, made friends with Sartak, who was a son of Batu, and even his brother betrayed. But each person chooses what to believe and what has already happened cannot be changed.