Futanari is a fetish of the new generation?

Many people are familiar with this cartoon genre, like anime. The usual in our understanding is a cartoon with a picture, often romantic or fantastic content. However, few people know what a futanari. It is a subgenre popular in Japan erotic genre of anime called hentai, which usually does not hesitate to depict the genitals of the characters and the whole plot revolves around sexual relations and minimum of meaning. In this article, we will focus on the fact that all the same is futanari. This is a topic that preoccupies the hearts of many Japanese (and not only) teenagers, men and just all who crave thrills.

The meaning

Futanari is a Japanese word that translates as "two forms" or "hermaphroditism". In addition to the value of the erotic sub-genre, the word signifies the characters themselves such works. For example, futanari in anime and manga is usually intersex, hermaphrodite.
The main feature is the fact that these creatures are originally female, but their structure is slightly altered by the addition of deformed female or male genitals. This diversity accounts for the tastes of men who want to explore the world of female pleasure. Western analogue futanari – comics in which the main characters are called dickgirls.


hentai futanari characters are divided into several categories:
  • Traditional form, a woman is portrayed with both male and female sexual organs at the same time. Generally, men are above women.
  • Variation, in which the female genitals are replaced by men.
  • Form, which does not have the male testicles, and instead of female genitals is portrayed manly.
  • Hypertrophied or enlarged female genitals.

Playground of lust

Futanari is a platform of expression for artists who choose their own variation depending on personal preference.

Sex futanari usually occurs with same-sex (i.e. women), rarely with other futanari, as an exception to male persons.
Fetish this erotic subgenre are considered to be exaggerated male genitals, sometimes reaching incredible sizes. The audience can only marvel at how the author manages to compose all of it in their erotic fantasies.
I believe that futanari and hermaphrodites pornography – birds of a feather. Hence it becomes obvious that, in principle, futanari – one of the varieties of fetishes.

It's kind of the Appendix of lesbian themes, a extension, advanced version. Normal topic of homosexuals is limited to artificial sexual organs, while futanari maximizes the live and organic natural to imagine an intimate relationship between two women.
In addition, it is possible to consider this sub-genre as a way to achieve empathy for the man during the observation of fondling two girls. Thanks to the fetish in the form of abnormal sizes men's bodies these erotic stories turn into in a separate pornographic subgenre, after all, so it's easier for men to associate themselves with the character is futanari, which, of course, causes them to experience the vivid emotions and pleasures the two girls, albeit with modified body parts.

is it Possible in life?

Virtual reality, of course, good. But not the fact that such a picture will not come true. But if to speak frankly - the world is already actively promoting this scheme as quite a acceptable.

Now people can change sex. Of course, such an operation do not from Caprice, but for medical reasons. Whether it comes progress to the point that invent any pill that helps to increase sexual organs? Unknown. We only know that humanity in the pursuit of pleasure ready for anything, because the measure of life for many are not moral principles, and the pleasure that is harder and harder to find in the age of satiety. The borders and barriers. Maybe this is progress, some evolution of man in cyberrebate, is able to survive in any situation to benefit to the maximum in every sphere of life. The main thing - do not overdo it and do not become a robot, because then pleasures will lose all charm. After all, does a robot need an intimate connection?