How to draw feet easily and quickly

the Human body is beautiful and unique, and it is not surprising that many artists and sculptors seek to capture the coveted curves.
There are many ways to portray the human body on paper. And if the face and torso is more or less clear, but the limbs causes certain difficulties in their portrayal.

Draw the feet: where to begin?

Let's see, how to draw human feet. Beginners it is very difficult to give a natural shape to these parts of the body. You will need to develop a special skill that comes with practice.
Take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. There are many ways showing how to draw feet, but the easiest – to provide legs in the form of geometric shapes, namely circles and ovals. These figures to some extent resemble the shape of the knees, hips and shins.
Upper part of the hips should be wider, so start drawing with it, and then slowly narrow to the knees. Draw the knee, it should slightly stick out to the side.

Practical advice

the Leg is a straight stick, it has its curves and bulges. Drawing patella, proceed to the tibia. Caviar should be the widest part of the calf. Then gradually narrow lines and draw the ankle and the ankle. Beautiful ankle – slim ankle, remember that.

Next, the contents of the figure depends on whether you want to display shod feet. Besides the initial position of the foot dictates the features. If you draw the legs as they look like from the front, it is appropriate to draw the toes to the viewer. Alternatively, deploy one or two feet to the side at an angle of 45 degrees.
you May want to do not just a light sketch, but a full picture. In this case, you should pay special attention to the portrayal leg muscles. it is Useful to preview "Atlas of the human body" to determine what muscles are located where.
intensity of the drawing of muscles also depends on who those legs belong to: male or female - and how their owner is pumped.

How to draw female feet

whatever it was, the female legs will be thinner and sleeker. Handy if you have a model, if not – should take the image out of my head or any available image. The figure below shows the difference between images of male and female feet.

If you had taken the image of a female body, you need to know how to draw legs girls in different positions: sitting, standing, in motion. Here are guided by the old principle of using geometric shapes. Draw the circles and ovals in the desired position, gradually drawing the core muscles and curves.
When there is no need to careful drawing of every muscle, just create a shade with inner thigh and slightly on the side of the buttocks. Darkened place will create the necessary contrast, and the legs will seem more "alive".

Now you know how to draw human feet. But remember that for more realism you need to practice constantly. Do not worry if the first image did not work. This is a reason to be patient on the way to improve creative skills.