How to draw Tom and Jerry easy and fast

the Famous American cartoon "Tom and Jerry" delighted generations of children around the world. Simple story, bright and charismatic main characters, as well as a huge number of series made this animated series is very popular not only among children but also among adults. Many grown-up fans of disney characters interested in the question of how to draw Tom and Jerry, without special artistic skills.
let's Try to answer this question.

Who are Tom and Jerry

no Wonder that Tom and Jerry are among the most recognizable cartoon characters. These characters are unique in their own way: a resourceful mouse and silly cat who sometimes even pity.
But how to draw Tom and Jerry? Many children like to have these pictures with their favorite characters.

Draw together the characters of the famous cartoon


where to begin? Try to learn how to draw Tom and Jerry pencil step by step.
  • Arm yourself with a clean sheet of paper and pencil. Well if you have a picture that serves as a model. Start with a simple image, where both characters are in the same position. But you can choose any other pattern, as the principles of drawing Tom and Jerry are the same in all States.
  • you must First draw the silhouettes of a cat and mouse using geometric shapes the type of circles and ovals. With their help, draw the body of the cat, head and feet. Next draw a smaller circle. Will Prorsum Jerry's head, paws and tail.
  • Further direct the contours, make them clearer.
  • Now we need to draw the ears of the animals. Please note that Jerry they are large and round, while That – holds his ears rectangular shape.
  • Add the elements of the face. Can gaze at the finished images from the cartoon, not to be mistaken with the size of the eyes, and other parts of the muzzles. The next step would be to remove all the extra lines.
  • don't forget about the mustache. Paint noses black, giving the desired Shine. To do this, simply leave unpainted spot in the middle of the nose, or use the eraser.
  • to give some fluffiness to the Fact, you can draw the line of "cuffs", elbows, knees, tail a little uneven, as if sticking out unruly hairs.

decorating picture

If you wish, you can paint the picture corresponding colors, which will make it more like the original. That we will have dark grey, with white paws and tip of tail. The tummy need to make the tone brighter the rest of the body. Jerry brown in color, with abdomen lighter shade.

Now you know how to draw Tom and Jerry fast and simple. As you can see, it's quite simple.