Learn how to draw TV

In the modern world it is difficult to find a house that has no TV. This miracle of technology has long ceased to be a luxury and part of our life as an integral part of everyday life. And since such a thing is in every home, many children want to learn how to draw a TV on their own. Every person, even without artistic talent, can learn to portray him.

Make a schedule

How to draw a TV? Nothing is easier not. Need to stock up on some improvised means - and you can begin to create paintings with his own hands. This work will help to plunge into the world of childhood and carefree time. List of contributors:
  • a pencil;
  • eraser;
  • paper;
  • line;
  • colored paints or pencils.
and most importantly, we'll need a little patience and free time to create your first personal masterpiece.
to Draw a TV step by step will not be difficult. First we need to portray a large plain square. Then on the top line geometric shape to visually identify the middle. From it lead up a two stroke. Do this so that they sought each in his corner. It will be antenna TV. It should be noted that they must be of different lengths. One half of the other.
When the first line of the antenna is drawn, we begin to give them a finished appearance. The trait that more remains unchanged. Just added a little tip in the form of an inverted drop. The second line is depicted as a broken stick. And at the end draws a similar inverted droplet.

Create the bottom and the screen of our TV

How to draw a TV? Nothing complicated, if you adhere to the plan and all instructions. So, go for creating the bottom of our TV. In the bottom of the shape with each edge represented a small narrow squares with rounded corners. It will be legs.
Next, go to the create screen of our TV. Take the line. On the inner side of each line on the retreat by a few inches. Then draw lines parallel to the sides of our square. They should be shown so that the corners were left untouched. Once lines are drawn, begin to connect the corners of the semicircular line. Here is our TV and there was a screen. It remains to give the picture color.

Colour in the display

All lines of the TV draw out a paint or a pencil of black color. The body and legs can do, for example, blue hue. Antenna depicted in red.
as for color, here are certain instructions does not exist. In this question it is possible to show imagination, or provide this entertaining work for the kid. Most importantly, explain to him that the line drawn in pencil, erased with an eraser. And only then one can draw with colored pencils or paints. So the work will look neater. Now is easier for the baby to learn how to independently portray the subject of home life on paper. The answer to the question of how to draw a TV with a pencil will become clear.

Final phase

to order the painting, which depicts a TV, make brighter and prettier, add an interesting picture on the screen. What to draw? This is a solution themselves adults. But you can go the following way. Surely the child has a favorite characters. Here they can portray on the screen the resulting TV. This picture will be bright and unforgettable. And cause a keen interest in the child.
We considered perhaps the simplest example of how to draw a TV. Now every parent can teach this technique to your child.