How to draw a pyramid with a pencil

the pyramids of Egypt do not lose their popularity among archaeologists and antiquity researchers throughout the world. What fueled this interest? Apparently the fact that humanity still finds it difficult to confidently say exactly how they were built and is it true that to be the tombs of the pharaohs – their only purpose.
Periodically, inspired by the beauty of ancient architecture, creative people thinking about how to draw a pyramid, passing it a feeling of grandeur to the viewer.

Theories on the purpose of the pyramids

whatever it was, and these massive monuments of ancient architecture now I can see everyone coming to Egypt. The famous great Pyramid of Giza which is also the biggest pyramid of all, part of the seven wonders of the world.
old kings used pyramids as a warehouse for their things that will certainly they will need in the afterlife.
be Sure to build these giant structures was very hard. But not to draw them will be difficult. So how to draw a Egyptian pyramid? You first need to determine what kind of tomb it is. Usually at the mention of the pyramids mean a Great the pyramids at Giza.
Here's what they look like.

where to start

Excellent, you figure it out. But how to draw the pyramids which are in Giza? Very easy, especially if you are a skilled in geometry and drawing. In fact, all the many times drew these shapes in school. Just have to remember everything and to make some adjustments.
  • Proceed. Take a clean sheet of paper, a pencil and a grater.
  • in the Middle of the sheet draw a rough sketch of the three pyramids: the middle one is the highest and the last the smallest. Add faces and make the shape clearer.
  • At the bottom of the first to the viewer of the pyramid, draw three small shapes. They all have slightly to reach the middle of the first pyramid.
  • Now use a simple pencil to make shadows in the right places. Approximately so, as shown in the picture below. Three bottom objects have the stepped shape. So try to portray them as a three-storey cake. And though in fact the small pyramids partially destroyed, to show these bumps or no – you decide.

  • Add in a few camels to their background of the pyramid seemed to be in truth huge. With shadows indicate the bumps on the sand surface.
  • If you have time and desire, you can draw the blocks from which the pyramids were built. How to draw pyramids: smooth or more plausible - with stone walls, decide for yourself. The blocks resemble huge, uneven bricks. Besides, focus more on horizontal lines, not vertical, as from afar it is the first noticeable better.
If you didn't know how to draw a pyramid with a pencil, now I see that to do this the easy way!

picture color

If desired, you can paint your picture. It does not limit your imagination. Can portray the heritage of architecture at night. To do this, fill the top part with dark blue color and add little stars or the moon. The sand color a rich dark yellow color. This will create the necessary contrast, and emphasizes the picture.

Now you know how to draw a pyramid. And as you can see, nothing complicated in this absolutely not. So don't be afraid, try and develop your creativity!