How to paint raspberries with a pencil

At the mention of raspberry whole mouth filled with saliva. Look at the picture and make sure yourself.

Useful properties of raspberries

Raspberries eaten fresh, cooked from it jam, making jams and jellies, added to baked goods, cooked fruit, make juices and fruit drinks, frozen for the winter. The berries are many useful properties, most importantly, perhaps, is that it is very tasty.

Since ancient times knew about its medicinal properties and widely used during a cold, what are you doing in our time. The fact that the berry has antipyretic and diaphoretic effect. Raspberries can normalize blood pressure, improves digestion, helps with diseases of the blood and helps in the treatment of angina.
Raspberries like people, insects, animals, including bears. But few people know how to paint raspberries. In this article we will deal with the matter.
Raspberries can sometimes be seen in the elements of embroidery, as well as its portrayed in the paintings, painted household items of the type cutting boards, boxes, vases, etc.

How to paint raspberries

How to draw raspberries? It's not as difficult as it seems, despite the small size of the berries. Well let's get started.
Take a clean sheet of paper, a pencil and eraser. Will draw the very berry, and the leaves can be painted later if necessary.
Draw a circle or a complete ellipse, based on the desired size of the whole berries. Next, divide this circle with lots of small, as can be seen in real raspberries. Top finish thin leaves and attaching the berries to the branch. If you wish, finish the branches of a Bush with leaves.

How to decorate the resulting picture

basically, that's all. Now you know how to paint raspberries with a pencil in stages. Of course, then you can give the picture the desired color: hot pink for raspberry, dark green for the leaves and brown for the branches. If you decide to leave the sketch in black and white, I suggest you work a little with shadows, slightly obscuring one side of the berries. This will give depth to the image.
If you want to learn how to paint raspberries more authentic, you can look at the recommendations in art books devoted to berries. In other cases, if you wanted to decorate berry decorative plate or something else, this lesson is useful to you, the image will look very natural, especially in color.
Now you know how to paint raspberries quickly and easily.