Learn how to draw Kalina

How to draw Kalina in stages? First, consider the elements of this composition. This is one big bunch. Next to two smaller ones and leaves. The center of the composition accounts for a large bunch. How to draw viburnum so that it an organic look? Should adhere to scale, making a schematic sketch.


Everything should be in proportion to: the size and shape of leaves, bunch, and the size of the branches. Berries in the brush collected as closely. TrueValue leaves, located opposite each other. Note the center of the composition - the main bunch. She's the biggest. The other two brushes are in her shadow. All the elements must intersect, creating a single composition.

a pattern

to draw a viburnum with a pencil, we start with the auxiliary lines. On paper, draw a Pentagon slightly elongated. It will define the boundaries of the Central cluster. Draw in this light touches, not much pressure on the paper. Lines on the sides of our Pentagon is tilted.
our Next step is the designation of the other pillars. Draw smaller clusters and large leaves. Make it neat thin strokes. Distinguish separate groups of berries and leaves between them. Next, begin to work on a major part of our snowball. We draw every berry in bunches. Lines should be light, barely noticeable. [br] Long strokes at an angle we describe the main branches of bunches of viburnum, inscribing them in the polygon. Denote the connective membranes within the bunch.


a Sketch of our drawing is ready. Go to details. Rounded, long strokes, draw the middle axis of the leaves according to their position relative to the plane, which is Kalina. Short lines we plan in the form of smaller leaves, referring to the nature. [br] Replacing the pencil for a softer, wavy short movements draw the contour of the berry clusters. Note the thickness of the twigs.
Now to outline more clearly the contours of the leaves. Make it neat smooth lines medium soft pencil. Try to reduce the awkwardness.

How to draw the most realistic Kalina?

you Should specifically consider various plans of the image. We now turn to this. Working on the berries of viburnum located in the foreground. Abbreviated form and their location. Draw the elements, which are located in the depths of the composition. Shape the rest of the berries on the second and third terms. Make them less. Zastrahovan shadow pattern. Circuit note the veins of the leaves. It turns out that in order to learn how to draw Kalina, you need quite a bit of time and patience. Draw your attention to the fact that the study of the contours of the leaves is a thick pencil. Pay special attention to bends.
Formed elements of the offshoots of the branches. - Draw first the plan more thoroughly than the rest of the elements of our masterpiece. Tonyrueb area in the depth of the leaves and the bunches of viburnum.

Final phase

the Next step is to work on the contrast. It must be remembered that it is achieved by the transition from light (the convex portion of the berries) to a darker site. Gradually darken the places that are closer to the base of the bunch. The initial volume can be given with the help of overlaying shadows. Zastrahovan sheets at the edges, brighter in order to indicate the outlines of the first plan.
Please note that the transition of light and shadow should be soft on the leaves, and the berries more contrast. This maneuver will serve to transmit the sensation of juiciness of the bunch. Remember that, in addition to external light shadows, you should draw and flare within viburnum. Finishing the drawing, will pay attention to its tidiness, tidying elastic incremental contours and unused strokes. Hope our guide answered the question: «How to draw Kalina?" Now you can create your own masterpiece.