Nino Chakvetadze: paintings with names

Nino Chakvetadze (1971) was born and lives in Tbilisi. She graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of arts. Since 1997-member of Union of artists of Georgia. Her work is deeply personal. However, it affects the sensibilities of any person who watches the work of Nino Chakvetadze, whose paintings tell about the kindness and childhood.

Habitual tenderness

Only in 2011 Nino Chakvetadze found his subject. She began to write what is closest to her soul: boys and girls, grandfathers and grandmothers, who in their own way, too, children, for they are helpless without us, strong and affectionate. Nino Chakvetadze's paintings writes with heart and soul, so they arouse nostalgic feelings, the desire to protect and save the kid and the old man from misery, to heat and caress, to see a smile on a sad face.

the Wise old faces of the grandparents watch the baby, who is sleeping peacefully. He doesn't know how much the storms of life he will have to move, and the old couple who together held not one worldly test, knows that his future can be whatever you like, and because they are so sad. You kind of expect now young parents will pick up the baby and cuddle the elderly, and individuals all have to play smile. And yet – all tones are muted, quiet, a little sleepy. Velvet dress woman, delicate lace collar, white hair and huge eyes the elderly couple had gained the attention of the viewer, and the peacefulness of the baby – gentle and sad focus on him two old men.

rain And snow

How little sun writes Nino Chakvetadze, whose paintings are filled with haze, fog, drizzle, large snowflakes. All under black umbrellas, which further enhances the feeling of sorrow, which glows in the eyes of the lonely among people walking the baby or the puppy. On the canvas in bad weather. Pouring rain. All covered with marsh-purple solid colors.

goes Away, located to the viewer a good figure, bent by time and years old. He is certainly kind and knows how to empathize and help even more helpless than himself. What is depicted here Nino Chakvetadze? Picture of the kindness and selflessness, caring attitude to abandoned to their evil fate: her hero gave his umbrella helpless Belenky puppy, and went to soak in the rain. The kid is a little tucked away from the heavy rain and could not comprehend his own happiness. He is in a state of ignorance. On the face written in confusion. It is with this attitude have never experienced. People will be able to repeat such a thing?

self-Portrait in the tree

as a child, as says Nino, she loved to climb trees. Paintings by Georgian artist Nino Chakvetadze often show children in this position. She is close to the house grew a Fig tree. She liked to sit on its branches. The whole world is her small, cozy.

Painting by Nino Chakvetadze (photo submitted here – one of the most popular works, which hangs in her home) - to some extent it is a portrait of her childhood. The girl, sitting on a thick branch – herself. Little Nino's sad saying goodbye to summer. The tree were a few last red leaves, winter is coming. In General, painting Chakvetadze Nino – this is a generalization.

About the artist

Heroes Nino – adorable children and cute old people. All with huge eyes, which can determine what in front of us. Georgia jam nut. When a child has large dark eyes, he always say that he is similar to the jam nut. Children with such eyes is always nice and very pleasant. The artist's hand is recognizable, and among the imitations, but they are now once you get to know her work.

Sincerity, kindness, the melancholy – all this characterizes Nino Chakvetadze, whose paintings – a nostalgia for the happy childhood that she had. It left a wonderful mark in her life. More and more moving away from him with age, Nino Chakvetadze's paintings writes, hoping to return impossible. She doesn't want to leave him. In the circle of her sincere fairy-tale happy feelings a viewer gets. The truth for the artist is the kindness and joy of communicating with loved ones. Often people in her brooding characters in the paintings recognise themselves and write to her about it. Inspire new work, children, events on the street and beautiful old Georgian door. On the works of Nino's often raining or snowing because she loves them as a romantic touch, they bring to the canvas. Paintings are often written under the soft music of Chopin or Giya Kancheli. Music and silence create a special creative mood, which could change previously conceived work.

to call a new job

depending on image depth the world of childhood and pure experiences opens us again to Nino Chakvetadze. Paintings with titles telling the truth: “Ball”, “Evening”, “Grandma”, “Hide”, “party”, “Friends”, “Sad”, “Angels”, “Artist”, “Real friends are”, “Hiding”, “Friendly walk”, “street”, “adventure”, “Slept”, “Vacation”, “First love”, “story”, “Autumn day”, “Waiting”.


At the edge of the hill covered with flowers and grass, there are three cute characters: girl, boy and puppy. They stand against the blue of the sky, which occupies two thirds of the canvas.

the Flowers still bloom, but it's cool. The children dressed in autumn and hold each other's hands. On their warm coats and hats, the boy tied the scarf, and on the leash he keeps them loyal little friend. All three of them intently looking at a white translucent ball which they were released, and it soared into the sky. “Where will he fly?” – that's what thought this trio. They released a ball of happiness and I wish him to find it. It would seem, what a little – the ball, but how much he means to children. So in the future they will learn to give freedom to those who need it. After all, everything starts small. For them – is the first step of parting with the beloved. They – angels without wings, but have Nino and the other angels.

Nino Chakvetadze, patterns: angels

Where the angels came to painting by Nino Chakvetadze? They came down Christmas tree, and lingered among us? Maybe came from dreams?

in addition, we must remember that everyone of us sitting on her shoulder, his angel and sorrow when we do something wrong and happy when doing good deeds, especially help someone. Her angels – just kids with attached wings. They also want to play with all the snow, go sledding and play with the puppies, but they are always alone and therefore sad. They know how to enjoy someone else's joy and sorrow someone else's sadness. Their Nino was awarded the empathy, compassion and selflessness. Looking at them, the viewer enjoys the opportunity to help other people, feeling the fullness of being.
Poignancy and simplicity – it was a gift from Nino to the viewer, which is already somewhat hardened She treats with kindness and hidden in her works affectionate and friendly disposition.