How to draw a wave with a pencil in stages?

In kindergarten, our sea view was over the blue water and bright sun in the corner of the sheet. But now we hardly any praise for such a "primitive". It's time to learn how to draw waves with pencil step by step. Learn the first steps in drawing nature and realistic view on the sea paintings by the great masters to know what to strive for.

What do we need?

Take a special drawing paper or cut off the desired size from the paper. At first it will be enough paper size A4. To learn how to draw waves, better not take office paper for the printer, as it deteriorates and breaks, if there are too many led eraser and pencil. It is not intended for artists, even for beginners.[br][br]you will need a Pencil hardness from H to 2B. You can take softer, if you want to paint a dark, stormy sea. But if you want to pass a soft transparent waves in the calm sea, then begin to draw with a pencil soft HB. N need, when you draw the foam on the waves — she's white and lightest.

[br][br]How to draw waves with pencil? To do this, buy an electric eraser. The most popular one — is Derwent. It costs about 500 rubles, but with the quality and power is debatable. The first drop on the floor immediately split into pieces, the motor is powerful, but not extraordinary. Posting, transmitting energy from the batteries can be disconnected at the most inopportune moment, so it is better if you purchase carefully peredayte them — so be safer. Battery "Energizer" enough for 2-3 weeks of regular use.

[br][br]Pre buy eraser in the pencil or grab hard and cut it so that it remained sharp tip. So convenient to erase fine lines, correct contour and to perform other minor work. A soft eraser will be inconvenient to wash, as it bends. And we will need to work them like a pencil.

How to draw the waves

with a pencil, Draw two smooth line marking the foam. At the bottom draw a short line — part of the wave that curled and about to fall into the water. Short features mark the location of the foam, which is formed by the fall of water.[br]

[br]Imagine wave — it is a hollow cylinder with walls of water. You could see through it. Pass that feeling on paper, drawing a curved line in waves.[br]

[br]Draw lines of flow of water in the form of a wave. Do not put them perpendicular, they have a graceful curved shape.[br]

[br]Draw the wave as puffs of cloud at the junction with the sea. Draw the inside horizontal strip, the flow of water using the lines on the waveform.[br]

[br]In a wave of darker, start with this place. If you permanite pencil bright place, it will be difficult for them to make shadows. Clearly lead pencil in the direction of the wave, a semicircle. Erase the outlines with a pointed eraser.[br]

[br]Better to learn how to paint a wave using a clear black-and-white reference to study the shape, behavior, shadows, glare and reflexes of the water. Own observations and experience — the best assistants in how to draw waves of the sea.

How to draw little waves on the sea

Artists who live near the sea, a lake or a river, can not ever in your life don't take a moment to paint a seascape. But there are difficulties in how to pass the surface of the water. After all, it is not always smooth. In some places the swaying waves, the far horizon you can see the ripples. Birds sit, leaving a blurred water circles. How to draw a wave on calm water with a pencil?[br][br]To start, follow the form of waves. You will find that schematically they can be displayed using the following strokes.

[br][br]to Draw the ripples and rolling waves just — the stroke of a pencil, the sheet, vysvetlit where they will be using the eraser. Below the bottom guide a smooth neat shadows. Watch the glare and reflections and draw them into the waves that are closest. Those distant enough to show horizontal dashes. The more they go towards the horizon gets smaller.[br][br]Draw water reflex from the sun using the eraser. And do not make a perfectly smooth strokes. Waves smooth, curved. Like snowflakes, each is individual. Somewhere it is vertically lifted, and then lay still.

How to transfer the transparency of water

How to draw a wave transparent? The waves away from the shore, the transparency is not visible. But you can draw floating object: a man, a fish or a sunken chest, for example. Figures should be darkened and slightly blurred. Do not draw them sharp contours and not pririsovyvat to details. Then it will be clear that they are in the water, which is transparent.[br][br]don't draw too dark water. She has such places, but it is not completely that is. This you can see on the references.

How to upload color of water at sea

pictures from the sea photostocks looks saturated blue, ultramarine with a touch of green colors. This is due to the graphical editors.[br][br]Better to learn to draw using unedited photos. You will see that the water in some places blue, in others green. And from the sun's rays it can gain a buff shades. In gloomy weather it becomes brownish. In most waters it has the brown tint, but this does not always mean that it is very dirty.

Famous paintings with waves

Aivazovsky, "the Ninth wave". One of the most famous paintings by the master seascape. Many of us have heard about it. This is one of 6,000 works of the artist[br]

[br]Katsushika Hokusai "the Great wave in Kanagawa". Reproduction of this engraving is widely in demand to this day. It adorns the covers of books, use as Wallpaper, print for garments and so on.[br]This wave is simultaneously so simple and so skillfully drawn that you will be a great guide in how to paint waves of the sea.[br][br]William Turner the painting "Fort View". The picture is amazing for its energy. Not drawing anything, the artist painted everything.

In Russia, a little-known Turner, but his marinas (seascapes) in other countries are very popular.