Johnny Catsvill popular Internet meme

Johnny Catsvill - adorable ginger cat, who stretches his arms out to the lens like taking pictures of myself. Resourceful users of the Internet turned this baby into a meme, changing the background behind him and adding different funny inscriptions. The original image was first published online in March 2013 on the website Tumblr, and then turned into a meme. In 2014, the wave of popularity has come to the Russian-speaking Internet.

Who's johnny Catsvill

the owner of the cat tried to photograph it, but at that moment, the animal decided to jump to the camera, and the result is an incredibly good shot. The photo of the cat looking directly into the lens and holding paws as if doing a selfie. American users of the Internet caught the similarity of the animal with a well known leading Comedy show "Jackass" (Jackass) johnny Knoxville and turned the photo into a meme. This transmission was broadcast on MTV from 2000 to 2002, and always begins with the same phrase: "Hey, you're johnny Knoxville and today we will..." - and then on the screen demonstrated a incredible and funny stunts, often very dangerous.

Popularity in Runet

Since January 2014, the picture with the cat johnny Catsville began to appear on Russian websites, and then gained fantastic popularity in Runet. Behind the cat users are added to different landscapes, photos of half-naked girls, marching soldiers, and even Darth Vader from the Saga of star wars. The signature read:
  • "Hello! With you again johnny Catsvill, and today I arrived in Russia!"
  • "With you again, johnny K., and today we will try to strike up an acquaintance with the beauties".
  • "Hi, this is johnny Catsvill, and I'll tell you what happens if you don't close the session".
  • "Today we will try to go to the dark side!"
Memes with johnny Catsville began to publish regularly on various websites, and then picked up the baton a community "Vkontakte".

Memes arise spontaneously and rapidly spread through popular online channels among a large number of users. The basis generally is a fun image or short video, which is then added text on a topical subject. Cats is an extremely common material for such creativity, so photos johnny Catsville from the beginning was doomed to popularity. This cute animal parody of popular bloggers who with camera in hand shoot a short video and post it on the Internet, hoping to attract the attention of viewers. The lens usually gets interesting stunts and tricks, fun events or just everyday little things, played in a funny manner. Often the author's comments are more interesting than the video itself. Lovers cats used a photo of johnny to illustrate jokes about traditional cat pranks, nibbled wires, unrolled toilet paper, knocked down a Christmas tree.
The popularity of the cat gradually faded away, but from time to time known bloggers still use his image in their works. This charming red-haired guy is able to make funny, even the most banal event and will definitely make the viewer smile.