How to draw bread pencil

I don't know how to draw bread in stages? This article will help you to understand how to convey light and shadow, and also to work out the details. Find out what this food means in the composition. As a reference we will use a loaf of French bread.


Bread is often used to create the composition in still life. It symbolizes fertility, labor, the hospitality, the unity of man and God and much more. It is interesting that at different times he took the same value.[br][br]How to draw bread and what? He will look good in the picture together with a sheaf of rye, with bags of grains, vegetables and game. When he is depicted, usually around it still does not fill the large number of items and delicacies. If you draw a whole loaf, do not put next to the sleek devices and expensive exotic products. It doesn't sit well neither visually, nor in meaning.

So if you want to know how to draw bread pencil nicely, you do not have to think about the rest of the composition. It is itself — a great subject for sketches.

a Little about bread

There are things without which we can not do, and for every nation they own. But there is something without which no cost, no man, to whatever people it may belong: it's bread. They say that the bread around the head. And it is true, he since ancient times included in the daily diet of people. And for someone it is the main food. How to draw a bread, without knowing anything about it, except that it is used as a food?
If the bread is baked from wheat, it has a Golden color and his palette is a unique combination of ochre, brick and brown. The French bread is made from wheat. And also it is considered a traditional product and distinctive ethnic feature of the culture of France. They have it has an unusual shape and is very reminiscent of the pie. And the inhabitants of the country do not understand why this bread is called French. Indeed, many peoples have their own made this type of baking, and call it the same everywhere — bread.
it is believed that the first bread appeared about 8000 years ago in Egypt. One person threw the flour in water, and then forgot about it for the night. This type of baking has become so popular in different Nations that in the world there are about 20 different varieties of bread.[br][br]And now to the gradual drawing of a loaf. Learn how to draw bread, using the master-class.

How to draw bread pencil step by step: building

Set aspect ratio and draw the main outlines. In the process of drawing, erase extra lines. Try to bring one line to the end, instead of each time to do new strokes. Otherwise, your work will appear to be "hairy". Don't draw them too fat and try to do neat.

Bread is shaped like an oval. To have it exactly this shape, not rectangular, make the internal build. Draw inside the subject of ovals. Wash them then you will not need to. They will help stroking bread in form. In the process of drawing they will be erased so that you won't notice.
most Importantly, don't place too bold and thick lines. Try to keep them smoothly, not making them "hairy". Draw convexity and concavity. Stroke cuts.

Shading and drawing details

once the item will start to check its proportion relative to the nature or reference (benefits in the form of pictures). In any case, the second do not put a picture. You must learn to draw the items. Perevozka will help to learn is that the only draw straight lines — but no more.[br][br]How to draw bread without nature? Many artists say that the photos and so little help learning to draw. It is much easier to draw from life, which shows all the shadows and the light and the colors are not distorted. It is important to consider those who want to know how to draw bread, if there is only a picture of him. Better still, stock up in advance of this loaf.[br][br]to draw sesame seeds, no need to draw each grain. Enough of them to outline in some places — and then it will be clear that the bread is covered in them. Draw tiny ovals, schedule them quickly. Then you don't have to bother with drawing the sesame seeds.

Shadow is located on the bread at the edges and at the bottom. Carefully consider your allowance. The first thing to convey light and shadow, not color.