How to draw a Troll warrior? Introduction to create fierce creatures

Trolls - fantastic creatures that came to us from the fairy world. Some have muscular torso, others have a massive stomach. Both have a large body type. Trolls are aggressive, even bloodthirsty, so they are often depicted involved in the assault, destruction, battles and battles. In this article, we'll look at how to draw a Troll, step by step.

sketch of the head and face

Modern games created for children often depict fantasy creatures, both good and bad. The boys are trying to play the hero, adding personal qualities. But not everyone get such rich and textured characters as in the game. The child asks a question about how to draw Troll more realistic?
First step is to draw a circle shape the future monster's head. Then draw a horizontal line dividing the circle in half, and a vertical strip defining the location of the eye. In the lower part will be the mouth of the creature. Then apply the outlines of the ears, which should be large and pointed upwards. Mark the shape of hair. Usually, the hair at the monsters of tangled, shaggy, warriors plaited into one or two braids.
How to draw a Troll bloodthirsty? Create unpleasant mouth shape, add the bottom teeth. On the face scars apply more stralimos. The unkempt eyebrows move closer to the nose. Nose draw a curvature that is similar to a fracture. You can add warts. The eyes should be evil and deep-set. Pupils may be narrow and empty. Add shaggy beard stuck in it pieces of food.

Torso monster

Next, consider how to draw a Troll warrior. Because your being is constantly involved in battles, he must have powerful limbs and a muscular torso. To do this, draw a line of the hands and feet as you would like to see them in character. Then, draw a wide sloping shoulders and brawny hairy hands. Legs should also be strong and large. Don't forget to draw the claws on the fingers and toes. In the arm, in the foreground, put the axe with the edge up. This detail would indicate that the Troll is fierce and ready for battle.

Clothing character

We developed a torso now analyze, how to draw a Troll in clothes. Of course, the designers making outfits in a fantasy world there, so the trolls made clothes from the skin of fallen animals. The Goblin you can draw fur or leather vest. Apply between the legs of the outline of the rectangle marking the place loincloth. Creating a character more modern, add in his outfit, amulets, jewelry, metal and precious stones weave in hair leather belt. Draw on clothes and ornaments, put on full body tattoo. Once you have familiarized with how to draw a Troll with a pencil and created his image, time to start coloring the character.

basically, trolls are depicted in green color, but the warriors can be and dirty gray, dusty, dirty. Clothes and weapons can be painted at your discretion. Don't forget to add the stroke shadow each circuit, this will give your character the volume and depth.