Lisa clay: joint crafts for adults and children

Sculpting animals from clay – one of the favorite activities of children. The task of the adult – to suggest how to properly mold certain parts of the figure. Today we chose an animal, well known to any child in Russian folk tales. We will examine how to make a Fox out of clay brought joy to the young master. By the way, not bad to think in advance what kind of fairy story will be beaten.

List of moulding materials

in Advance, you must calculate the time and check the availability of the necessary materials to conceived a Fox from clay. So, the list should contain:

  • clay orange color-this color will be the key, as with maximum plausibility will allow wool to simulate the selected animal;
  • clay yellow – to make the figure more expressive;
  • pieces of white, black and blue will need to sculpt the eyes and nose;
  • stock up on the stack, it will not only cut the clay into pieces, but to create relief drawings. If there is a tool, like a toothpick;
  • durable bonding of parts in one product you can use matches.

Fox How to sculpt from clay: step-by-step diagram

there is no Difference which part is fashioned first. We'll start with the head. This will skatiem ball. Then start shaping the curves on the faces of our beauties. The nose part needs to be extended forward, for it will suit the yellow clay. If a lot to stretch up a little, you will be allocated an island of triangular form.
Parse more how to make a Fox out of clay. And the next step will be the formation of the eye. Using the pads of your fingers press holes and attach here lepeshechki. Make them thin, white. Take a black piece of clay – here and ready nose. Pieces blue color will leave us on the design of beautiful blue eyes. Adding dots of white, you can show what cunning eyes. Take the stack and begin to create the fluffy fur on his cheeks.
Attach the ears in the shape of a triangle (looks great a combination of two colors: yellow and orange). Don't forget about the eyebrows. In the forehead is glued fluffy bangs. Now our Fox from clay becomes the real fashionista.
turns the torso. Take orange clay and give it a curved shape. Determine where it is more narrow, and paste it to a match. This will allow you to move the Fox head in any direction.
material of the same color formed by the legs in the form of tubes. To them attach small yellow balls. Left to make cuts to receive the fingers. Our Fox from clay is almost finished.

Last stage

Fasten the legs to the torso. To create the hind legs will need kruglyashi and tortillas. We have orange clay. Use it to make a huge fluffy tail. Decorating tip of the tail, take yellow clay. The tail attaches to the body. There are not attached to the head. Fix this mistake.

After learning this simple way of modeling an animal can be easy to begin creating a whole family of red beasts.