How to draw an Apple tree: an easy way

to create a beautiful picture in pencil, not necessarily born a genius. Enough to get acquainted with the technique of creating a pattern. Step-by-step description, each person will be able to understand how to draw a Apple tree. And most importantly, you can teach your child this simple skill.

Easiest way to learn how to draw a Apple

in order to begin work, you will need two simple pencil, eraser, paint and a bit of free time. To draw a Apple step by step will not be easy. Create a tree trunk. We need to portray a beautiful Apple tree.
Need to work with you to create the mighty silhouette of the tree. First, draw one curved side of the trunk. Then, as depicted by the second part. You always need to remember that stem is an important first step in creating our pattern. Therefore, as it will be shown, and will depend on what will come of Apple. It is very important to use a pencil with soft pencil - to line it turned out a light.

Roots of the tree

When it's ready “heart” of the tree, begin to roots. From the trunk being wavy and flowing lines down. Our roots belong to the old tree. They are rooted deep in the ground. Become a good support for plants. But over time, the roots grew and began to break out. And picture this impulse passes.

tree Branches

Up from the trunk the branches are drawn. First depicted as big as the snake. Then from each side there is a branching in different directions. And together they resemble large antlers of an old deer. The more painted branches, the stronger and more powerful it seems our Apple tree.


to create a crown for the tree, you need to remember the look of the clouds in the sky. Presented? Then we will carry the memories of them on the branches of our tree. And to create the effect of leaves of the upper part of the crown drawn wavy.
This simple method allows you to understand how to draw an Apple with your child. The resulting masterpiece will be able to add home collection the creativity of a toddler.


when painted wood every young artist wants to complement its ripe fruit. And the child involuntarily asks a question: «How to draw an Apple tree with apples to decorate the picture?”
For starters across the crown evenly applied strokes. It will be the stalk. They are juicy apples. Then under each bar are shown round fruit.

Final phase

When the drawing is completed, it should decorate. But at this point need to be creative. For a start all lines of the barrel carefully removed with an eraser, and then applied watercolor. This applies to each of the drawn part of the tree. First removed the pencil, and then applied paint. On the Sunny side painted wood paint we will have a couple of shades lighter. To the center of the Apple color lines. If you perform painting in this way will create the impression that one side of the tree warms and caresses the sun.
When a person depicts the painting in stages, it is much easier to understand and remember how to draw an Apple tree. A step by step guide will be indispensable when you create your first masterpiece.
As a result, I want to add: the drawing is like mental therapy. It relieves stress and gives complete relaxation to the person. But for a child it is the best thing to do, because this skill teaches children to notice all the minor details.
Well, if you are a novice artist will ask their parents about how to draw an Apple, then this article will always come to the rescue and will be a good hint. Experiment yourself and learn this truly wonderful skills of their children.