Classes for children: how to draw a carrot in stages

Every child from an early age should learn to distinguish between fruits and vegetables. When the kids draw with their parents, they experience a real delight. Moreover, drawing lessons vegetables help to teach colors and shapes.

a Picture of carrots

the image of the vegetables is a great workout for young artists. How to draw a carrot correctly, will tell a phased master-class. This vegetable does not require precise drawing of all the details, but to make it look dimensional and believable, you need to try. You'll need a sheet of paper, pencil and eraser.

step-wise drawing of a carrot

  • the First step is to select a song. The vegetable is better to place them diagonally. First you need to think about how to draw a carrot with a pencil. Help your child to outline future compositions. These roots differ in subtle form and end with extra long roots.
  • once the outline is ready, you should begin to detail. These include the leaves, which have a special structure, and roots. Across the surface of the carrots need to draw short horizontal lines, which are a feature of the structure of this vegetable. The roots represent in the form of thin threads.
  • the third stage of the lesson telling you how to draw a carrot, you need to decorate the image. This can be done using pencils or paints. To figure out a more believable, you can mix different colors, creating new colors.

Wondering how to draw carrots and finish your work, you need to see the entire image. If desired, you can add to your drawing light spots or darker shades. It is obvious that at first the child will not be able to draw a vegetable. It does not matter, the main thing-practice, and eventually the child will understand how to draw carrots. You can then move on to more complex lessons.