Sketch - what's that? Sketches of the artists

do you think the sketch - what is it? Whom, where and for what used? The answers to these questions are in our article.

the interpretation of the word "sketch" and its synonyms

There is an unwritten rule: when you ask the meaning of any word, it is enough to call it synonymous to the questioner all became clear. Try to resort to such a versatile recipe and we.
Sketch - it (then take a few synonyms from the dictionary) sketch, draft. And yet in the dictionary says that this word refers to the action of the verb "sketch". Well, now everything became much clearer, isn't it? And I'd add that the sketch still differs from the sketch, and the difference is in its greater granularity.

Sketches of artists

to create a drawing or painting work, the master always makes preliminary sketches. For artist's sketch - it's his working material. The larger and more complicated the pattern, the more sketches and drawings done to her.
Sketches typically represent a separate part of the future creation, worked out in detail. Items for detailed sketches can be, for example, parts of a flower bouquet still life with flowers, musical instruments and a plaster bust for still life with attributes of art, a weapon for "hunting" productions, etc.

Very important preliminary sketch from nature for the execution of a portrait or a genre composition where different angles have to be human figures. For example, Ilya Yefimovich Repin, when he was working on a picture "Boyarynya Morozova" did hundreds of sketches of faces, hands, gestures. These sheets of paper are carefully stored today in the Museum. Looking at them you can trace the path of creating great works: from initial concept pencil sketches to splendid, colourful canvases.

Literary sketches

the Sketches are necessary not only artists, but writers and reporters. For the masters of artistic word sketch is the initial quick sketch for a future story, novel, etc., showing the main idea of the work.
Often a literary sketch may be a result of the impression of the writer from gone or feelings. It can also be scheduled storyline. In journalism, the sketch is considered to be the younger sister of the essay - it also belongs to the journalistic genre, but to a full essay few does not hold (of imagery is not enough).