Painting: masterpieces of art, famous all over the world

Every modern person should know what is painting. Masterpieces of world importance, which are presented in our article, can not leave anyone indifferent. You can also find out where to find full list of paintings that are famous all over the world. Painting plays an important role in everyone's life. It is possible to acquire a multi-faceted personality.

What is painting? General information

Painting is a form of art. Thanks to him, the artist transfers visual images by applying paint to any surface. The emergence of painting in Russia associated with the development of realism and awareness. Experts identify five main varieties of painting:
  • Stankova;
  • monumentally;
  • dekorativna;
  • teatralno-dekorativna;
  • Miniatura.
For a long period of time, it was believed that history oil painting starts with Dutch artist named Jan van Eyck, who created his paintings in the fifteenth century. Many experts call him the Creator of the oil of fine arts. This theory is described in the literature. However, to confirm this is impossible. There are several artists who worked with oil paints long before van Eyck.
Great masterpieces of painting allow you to figure out how people lived many years ago. Leonardo da Vinci argued that painting create man, nature and time. Paintings can be executed on any basis. She is involved in the formation of artificial and natural environment.
Painting is illusory. Plotinus argued that we should not copy nature, it is necessary to learn from it. The development of painting has long gone beyond the understanding of the main objectives of the "imitation of reality". That is why many artists refuse to date methods of expression and impact on the viewer. There are new trends in painting.
Famous masterpieces of painting and the art in General can perform the following functions:
  • poznavatelnoe;
  • religioznoy;
  • esteticheskoy;
  • filosofskuyu;
  • ideologicheskoi;
  • socialno-vospitatelno;
  • dokumentalnoy.
Main and most meaningful value in painting is color. It is believed that he is the carrier of ideas.
There is a large variety genre painting
  • portrait;
  • landscape;
  • Marina;
  • historical painting;
  • battle;
  • still life;
  • genre jivopisi;
  • arhitekturna;
  • religioznaja;
  • animalisticheskaya;
  • dekorativna.
a Huge role in self-development is painting. Masterpieces of world importance, demonstrated by the child, help to create in him a personality and learn to appreciate the or another object of art. Painting often helps to alleviate the condition of the patient, who has a particular disease. Art therapy not only entails familiarization with the types of art, but also allows you to try to create a masterpiece of your own.

Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa

Some of the paintings (masterpieces of world painting) keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries. To solve their predicament so far. Mona Lisa - painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It is considered one of the most famous paintings in the world. Its original is in the Louvre (Paris). There it is considered to be the main exhibit. It is no coincidence because the majority of tourists daily visit the Louvre it is in order to look at the painting by Leonardo da Vinci.[br]today, the "Mona Lisa" is not in the best condition. That is why the leadership of the Museum a few years ago announced that the artwork will no longer give to any exhibition. See the only portrait in the Louvre.[br]Popular the picture has become after, in 1911 she was abducted by an employee of the Museum. Search for a stolen masterpiece lasted for two years. All this time, I wrote about it in journals and Newspapers, had on the cover. Gradually the "Mona Lisa" became the object up and worship.
Paintings (masterpieces of world painting) actively learning professionals. "Mona Lisa" was created over 500 years ago. Scientists say that it is changing, like a real woman. Over time, the painting had withered, turned yellow, and in some places there are dark spots. Wooden supports are wrinkled and covered with cracks. Know that the picture keeps 25 secrets.
9 years ago, visitors to the Museum for the first time were able to enjoy the original colors of the picture. Unique images designed by Pascal Kotte, allowed to look at a masterpiece before they started to fade.
Photos taken by a unique technology that allows to find out that Leonardo after creating the masterpiece that changed the position of the hands of the Mona Lisa, the look on her face and smile. It is known that in the region of the eye in the portrait there is a dark spot. Scientists argue that this damage has arisen due to the fact that the lacquer is exposed to water. Its formation is attributed to the fact that the picture while hanging in the bathroom of Napoleon.
Artist worked on the painting for more than two years. It is in the list "500 masterpieces of world importance". There is a theory that the portrait depicts not the Mona Lisa. The name of the picture received on the basis of words Giorgio Vasari. Scientists of our time say that it could be a mistake and the masterpiece depicts a completely different woman. The greatest number of questions is the Mona Lisa smile. There are many versions of interpretations. Some argue that Mona Lisa depicts a pregnant woman and her expression is associated with a desire to feel movement of the fetus, while others believe that the smile betrays a hidden homosexuality of the artist. Some experts believe that Mona Lisa is a self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.

"the Coronation of Napoleon" Jacques-Louis David

Many are attracted to painting. Masterpieces of world importance often show the audience the episode of an important historical event. The picture, which was written by Jacques-Louis David, was created by order of the French Emperor Napoleon I. "the Coronation of Napoleon" demonstrates the events on 2 December 1804. It is known that the customer had asked the artist that he painted the coronation better than it really is.
David has created a masterpiece impressed by the paintings of Rubens. He worked on it for a few years. Over a long period of time, the painting remained the property of the artist. In the Museum it was after the departure of Jacques-Louis David. His work made a good impression on many. In 1808 the artist received an order from American businessman who was asked to create an identical copy.
picture shows about 150 characters. It is known that each image has incredible accuracy and realism. In the left corner of the fabric shows all the relatives of the Emperor. Behind Napoleon sits his mother. However, at the coronation she was not present. Experts say that, most likely, this was done in connection with the wish of Napoleon. It is known that he treated her very tenderly.
In those days the picture was a fantastic success. After Napoleon was overthrown, the canvas over a long period of time was in reserves and was not present. Nowadays the picture is the same as before, delights many.

Valentin Serov "Girl with peaches"

equally popular and masterpieces of Russian painting. "Girl with peaches" is a picture painted by Valentin Serov in 1887. In our time, to see her live in the State Tretyakov gallery. The painting depicts a 12-year-old Vera Mamontova. She sits at a table on which lay the knife, peaches and leaves. The girl pink blouse with a dark blue bow.
Painting by Valentin Serov was painted in the estate of Savva Mamontov in Abramtzevo. In 1871 the estate was planted with peach trees. They tended to be specially hired people. For the first time the artist came to the farm in 1875 with her mother.
In August 1877 11-year-old Vera Mamontova sat at the table, picking up a peach. Valentin Serov offered the girl to pose. Faith accepted the proposal of the artist. She posed every day for almost two months. After the picture was painted, the artist gave it to Elizaveta Mamontova, the girl's mother. She for a long time hung in one of the rooms. Currently, there is a copy and the original is in the Museum. In 1888 the author was awarded the prize of the Moscow society of art lovers.
Masterpieces of Russian painting store a large number of little-known facts. "Girl with peaches" is no exception. It is known that the images on the canvas of Vera Mamontova only lived 32 years. The cause of her death was pneumonia. Her husband after the death of lady not married. He raised three children.

Special literature

unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit museums of world significance. However, many want to see the masterpieces of painting. Photos of some of them you can find in our article. It is worth noting that today there are a huge number of publications demonstrating the best pictures from around the world. There you can find both contemporary and vintage works by various artists. It is worth noting that some publications are produced in limited quantities, and they are hard to find.
Magazine "50 artists. Masterpieces of Russian painting" is a weekly publication. It will be interesting to readers of any age. It is possible to find images of the famous paintings, the history of their creation and interesting facts about them. To the first magazine, which was released six years ago, came with a folder for storing media and a reproduction of one of the paintings that can be placed on desktop or wall. Each issue describes the work of one of the artists. Net magazine - 32 pages. You can find it on the territory of the Russian Federation or neighboring countries. "50 Russian artists. Masterpieces of Russian painting" - a magazine that definitely will appeal to lovers of fine art. A complete collection of the editions will allow you to explore basic information about the most popular artists. The magazine costs less than 100 rubles.
"Masterpieces of Russian art" - the book authored by Zhukov L. M. it contains 180 pages. Edition includes 150 + high quality images. The album is appealing to many. It is no coincidence, because it demonstrated a huge number of reproductions. Thanks to them you can see how formed Russian painting. The cost of the book ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles.
"the Famous museums of Italy. Masterpieces of painting" - a book that was released this year. It presents the best picture of the six museums in Italy. In the publication the reader can also see the history of museums. The book contains 304 pages.
Wishing to see the works of world significance will surely like electronic gallery of the masterpieces of painting. Today there are many resources and applications, which represent the most well-known paintings.

Viktor Vasnetsov, "Bogatyrs"

"Heroes (Three heroes)" is the picture which was written by Victor Vasnetsov in 1898. It is in the masterpieces of art. Painting Vasnetsov known to many. The artwork of "Heroes" is a symbol of Russian art. The basis of creativity Vasnetsov is the folk theme.
painting by Viktor Vasnetsov shows three Russian heroes. They symbolize the strength and power of the Russian people. On the creation of the artwork, the artist worked for about 30 years. The first sketch was made by Viktor Vasnetsov in 1871.
One of the characters depicted in the painting is Ilya Muromets. He is known to us as the character of Russian folk tales. However, few people know that this hero really existed. Many stories of his exploits are real, and the Ilya of Murom is a historical figure.
Nikitich, which is also shown in the picture, according to a legend was a very educated and courageous. With his personality linked to many incredible stories. Often you can hear the story of his zagovornik sword and armor.
Alyosha Popovich differs from the other two heroes of the age. He is young and slender. In his hands you can see a bow and arrow. In the picture there are many small details that will help carefully study the nature of the characters.

Mikhail Vrubel, "Demon sitting"

Another well-known picture "the Demon sitting". Its author is Mikhail Vrubel. It was established in 1890. To see the original is in the Tretyakov gallery. It is believed that the painting represents doubt, inherent in the person.
Experts believe that the artist was possessed by a demon, because we know that he wrote many such works. There is information that during this period the familiar Vrubel noticed that the artist has developed a mental disorder. The occurrence of a disease associated with experienced stress. It is known that Vrubel's son was born with the so-called hare-lip. Relatives of the artist noted that in connection with the occurrence of a mental disorder it strengthened the thirst for art. However, to be close to him was almost impossible. In the spring of 1902, the disease has reached a critical point. The artist placed for treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Despite the difficult fate of the artist, his paintings never cease to attract new fans and art lovers around the world. His work demonstrated at various exhibitions. "The demon sitting" is one of the most popular paintings of the artist.

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, "bathing of red horse"

Every modern man should know the masterpieces of painting. Photos presented in our article, will help you become familiar with them. "Bathing of a red horse" is a picture painted by the artist in 1912. Its author - Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Painting of a horse in an unusual color, the artist uses the traditions of Russian icon painting. Red is a symbol of the greatness of life and sacrifice. Indomitable horse symbolizes the incomprehensibility of the Russian spirit. Bright pink color associated with the image of the garden of Eden.
10 Nov 1912 in Moscow hosted the exhibition. Above the entrance door was placed a picture of Petrov-Vodkin, believing that it will become a banner. However, this opinion was erroneous. The picture was not appreciated as some visitors to the exhibition and the artists. Around groundbreaking work sparked controversy. In 1914 in Sweden, the exhibition, which presented 10 works of Petrov-Vodkin, including the "bathing of red horse". They are estimated at tens of millions of dollars.[br]the Age of the film is more than 100 years. Today its role in the development of painting is obvious. However, in our time there are many art lovers who have not liked the creativity of Petrov-Vodkin.

Salvador Dali, "the Persistence of memory"

Many people are interested in painting. Masterpieces never cease to amaze today. All the work of Salvador Dali is paradoxical and difficult logical analysis. The painting "the Persistence of memory", written in 1931, attracted the attention of many critics. The main character of the work often explain the complexity and nonlinearity nature of the time. Favorite characters of Salvador Dali assembled in one picture. The sea symbolizes immortality, the egg is life, and Oliva - wisdom. The painting depicts the evening hours. Evening is a symbol of melancholy. It determines the overall mood of the work. It is known that three hours in the picture is the past, present and future. It is believed that broke the object with eyelashes - sleeping is a self-portrait of the author. Salvador Dali claimed that the dream releases all the subconscious thoughts, and man becomes helpless. That is why the painting of his figure is represented in the form of a vague object.
Amazing, but the image works arose from the artist after he looked at cheese. He created the painting in a few hours.
Painting by Salvador Dali features a small size (24×33 cm). The work became a symbol of surrealism. The painting was first exhibited in Paris in 1931. There she was sold for $ 250.

Summing up

an Important role in our life is painting. Masterpieces of art are still relevant today. There are many worthwhile paintings that have global significance. In our article contains some of them. Each painting has unique details and images. It is worth noting that some of them are little-known facts and mysteries that are not fully understood today.
In the lives of children and adolescents painting plays a special role. By studying masterpieces, they learn to analyze, Express their point of view and form in themselves an independent and highly intelligent person. Painting plays an important role not only in children but also adults. It is no secret that the modern man needs to be comprehensively developed person. It is important to explore all spheres of life, including the painting, to feel adequately educated in society, and perhaps find in the art of his calling.