Details of how to draw Springtrap

Today we'll show you how to draw Springtrap in stages. We are interested in the character you can draw simplistic or complicate the picture. Consider both options.


begin to tackle the question of how to draw Springtrap, the most suitable image of the eye. Make them covered. Add a black nose. Further, the depicted upper part of the mouth and head. Proceed to the next step in addressing the question of how to draw Springtrap. Mouth do torn. On the head, as depicted by the two holes. The toy should have a shabby look. Go to the picture ears. They consist of a pair of elements: the base and the tip. These parts combine a thin stick. Left ear do preloaded.

Mouth, hands and feet

Go to the next step in addressing the question of how to draw Springtrap. The depicted mouth. Draw the jaw. Then straight teeth. The top row do a little more lower. Empty space should be shaded black. Go to the body. At the same time making it disproportionate. Head slightly larger than the body. Draw hands. To give them the shabby, add black spots. Draw legs. They are portrayed almost like hands. Then we add a black spot. On it put a band-aid. At the final stage of coloring finished drawing.

Alternative to

There is another solution to the question of how to draw Springtrap. You can make an image with lots of detail. Start to play the hero with the head. More back from the bottom of our sheet. Thus it will be possible to place the legs and torso. Draw half of the head. Make it shabby. Next step, add a jaw with very few teeth. The ears do slightly torn. The right should be missing a small piece. Left ear missing half. The depicted body. Do it as mutilated. At the breast of the depicted insert. It rubbed a hole. He can see the insides. Hips with the torso are connected to a very thin piece of metal. Empty space painted black. Draw legs. They also consist of individual parts which are connected to glands. The hands depicted in the same way. Now you can move on to coloring our character. It is also possible to depict the portrait of this hero. The sketch in this case is quite simple. We start with a circle after give it the shape of the head. And then you can act as described in the first or second embodiment, the description of a full figure.